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Apollo golf shafts started in England over 150 years ago, Apollo received a patent for the first tubular steel golf shaft. Apollo steel shafts can be found in many OEM golf clubs such as Macgregor, Cleveland Golf, Tommy Armour and Wilson Golf. Apollo steel shafts are light weight design with a low bend point promoting a high launch angle preferred by golfers with smooth swing speed seeking additional distance in a steel shaft.
The new Apollo AccuLite 75 is a sub ultra-lightweight steel shaft at a value pricee. It has a cut weight of 30 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts. The lightweight design is designed for players with  a smoother tempo to produce a higher club head speed with a steel shaft. In terms of light weight, the AccuLite 75 is the perfect alternative to graphite, yet produces the accuracy and low torque consistency long associated with steel shafts. The Apollo AccuLite 85 is an ultra-lightweight steel shaft with a cut weight of 20 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts. It's Low-mid bend point promotes a mid-high ball trajectory fitting a wide array of golfers. The Apollo Acculite 95 is another high performance lightweight steel shaft offered at an outstanding value price.
Apollo Shadow Graphite Shafts are 100% high modulus graphite and come in 3 different weight categories, all offered at very affordable prices. The Shadow UL (Ultra Light) is an excellent ultralight graphite shaft weighing only 62 gram at raw length for faster swing speed while the mid torque provides accuracy and a mid ball trajectory. The Apollo Shadow FL (Feather Lite) is the lightest shaft and designed for players with a smoother tempo looking at improved trajectory and distance. Low bend promotes a high ball flight to get the ball easily airborne with less efforts.


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Integra Triple-Bend 43" Belly Putter Shaft RH
SKU: SS-1194-RH
(0 reviews)  
Now: $6.49
Apollo Shadow FL Graphite Shafts
(2 reviews)    
Now: $13.45
Apollo Shadow UL Graphite Shafts
(3 reviews)    
Now: $13.45
Apollo Shadow Graphite Shafts
(2 reviews)    
Now: $12.45
Integra Triple-Bend 43" Belly Putter Shaft LH
SKU: SS-1194-LH
(0 reviews)  
Now: $6.49
Apollo Single Bend Putter Shaft
SKU: SS-90
(0 reviews)  
Now: $4.15
Apollo Triple Bend Putter Shaft 35" - Left Hand
(0 reviews)  
Now: $4.60
Apollo Triple Bend Putter Shaft 35" - Right Hand
(1 reviews)    
Now: $4.60
Apollo Double Bend Putter Shaft 41"
SKU: SS-88-P
(2 reviews)    
Now: $4.35
Apollo Straight Stepless 36" Putter Shaft
SKU: SS-1287
(0 reviews)  
Now: $3.95
Apollo Straight 36" Putter Shaft
SKU: SS-87-P
(1 reviews)    
Now: $3.49
Apollo Junior Steel Shaft
(1 reviews)    
Now: $3.59
Apollo Standard Stepped Wood Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-85-W
(2 reviews)    
Now: $3.69
Apollo Standard Stepped Iron Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-82-I
(7 reviews)    
Now: $3.49
Apollo Standard Stepless Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-83-I
(3 reviews)    
Now: $3.99
Apollo Black Steel Stepless
SKU: SS-1085-I-Black
(0 reviews)  
Now: $7.45
Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-86-I
(2 reviews)    
Now: $5.65
Apollo Shadow Steel Shaft
(1 reviews)    
Now: $4.85
Apollo Phantom Stepless Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-1083-I
(2 reviews)    
Now: $8.49
Apollo AccuLite-95 Light Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-1095-I
(5 reviews)    
Now: $6.69
Apollo AccuLite-85 UltraLite Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-92-I
(4 reviews)    
Now: $8.55
Apollo AccuLite-75 UltraLite Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-1092-I
(1 reviews)    
Now: $10.95
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