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Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads

Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads
Integra i-Win Single Length Hybrid Heads 1
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Price: $28.00
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No. Loft Lie Weight Offset Vol. Club Length
#4 21° 62.25° 272 g -2.25 mm 140 cc 37"
#5 25° 62.25° 272 g -2.75 mm 138 cc 37"
#6 28° 62.25° 272 g -3.25 mm 135 cc 37"
#7 31° 62.25° 272 g -3.75 mm 132 cc 37"
#8 34° 62.25° 272 g -4.25 mm 130 cc 37"
#9 38° 62.25° 272 g -4.75 mm 128 cc 37"
PW 42° 62.25° 272 g -5.25 mm 125 cc 37"
SW 45° 62.25° 272 g -5.25 mm 125 cc 37"

Right Hand: 21º - 45º Hosel: 0.370"
Finish: Black Material: 431 stainless steel
Face Height: 39 mm (20º) Face-Rear: 68 mm (20º)
  • The new Integra i-Win Single-Length Hybrids offer a unique choice in single-length technology for players looking for consistent ball striking. Golfers of all handicaps can benefit by using these hybrids that are specifically designed to all be played at the same length. You also can mix and match the iWin SLH Hybrids with the iWin SL irons too. Contrary to traditional hybrids that vary in length, the SLH hybrids are all designed to be the same length throughout the entire set and have the exact same swingweight and flex, so the golfer only has to “learn” one swing that works for him or her. This enables the golfer’s swing to become more easily repeatable. The suggested men’s length for the iWin Single Length hybrids is 37.5" (graphite) and 37" (steel), which is a typical 7 iron length.
  • The same length design allows to have the same stance, same posture and the exact swing plane for every shot regardless of iron number. These are the factors that allow you to only need just that one swing no matter what shot you’re taking. Golf got easier now. If you are looking for consistence in your iron game, single-length is the way to go.
  • 8 lofts available from 21º to 45º to fit any golfer.
  • Assembly Instruction for Single Length Hybrids: These hybrids are assembled differently because the head weights stay the same throughout the set. Tip trim the shaft for all heads if it were a #7-iron, regardless if the head is a #4, #9 or SW, i.e. do not tip trim shafts in increments. Cut the butt end to length for all clubs in the set as if were a 7-iron. If someone orders a set +1/2”, then make that length ½” over your standard #7-iron length for all clubs.
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Roger Huston
Jun 11, 2017
I bought these simply because I was having trouble hitting my wedges. I am 67 a single digit player, a club maker, and a fitter so I know enough about this game to be dangerous. All kidding aside I have had other single length irons and I was wanting to see if the hybrids would bring back the distance and the trajectory . The pros of these irons.... pretty decent in fit and finish, the 431 stainless steel has improved over the years for all component companies and these have decent feel. The lofts and the lie angles are similar to those of the more expensive single length irons. The gaps between the irons are more than adequate to ensure proper distances between. I have only had one session , but found about a ten yard gap between each club. All in all with so many manufacturers putting out single length irons I want to commend Integra Golf for offering an alternative to a regular set of bladed irons.

Advantages: Same set up for each club
Proper distance between each club
431 stainless steel provides decent feedback

Disadvantages: Not able to bend hosels for loft or lie like some other manufacturers offer
Too much offset in the set
lofts are stronger especially in the pitching and sand wedge.
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