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Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head

Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head
Heater Blue Angels Hybrid Head 1
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Price: $18.95
Select RH
No. Loft Lie Weight Volume Club Length
#2 15° 60° 216 145 cc 40.5"
#3 19° 60.5° 221 145 cc 40"
#4 22° 61° 226 140 cc 39.5"
#5 25° 61.5° 232 140 cc 39"
#6 28° 62° 238 135 cc 38.5"
#7 31° 62.5° 244 135 cc 38"
#8 34° 63° 250 130 cc 37.5"
#9 38° 63.5° 257 130 cc 37"
PW 42° 64° 264 125 cc 36.5"
SW 45° 64° 268 125 cc 36"

Right Hand: 15º - 45º Hosel: 0.370"
Finish: White Material: 431 stainless steel
Face Height: 37 mm (19º) Face-Rear: 68.5 mm (19º)
  • The new Heater Blue Angels hybrid has a wider foot print and makes it easy to align the head and boosting confidence at address position.
  • New aero-dynamic head profile reduces drag and promotes faster golf club speed for more distance.
  • The recessed pocket along the hitting face make the hitting face more responsive and increases the size of the sweet spot. The benefits are a reduced spin for longer shots and increased forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • The matte white top plate avoids unwanted glaring and stands out easily against the green grass.
  • 10 lofts available from 15º to 45º to fit any golfer.
  • Loft, Lie, Face Angle +/- 1°; Weight +/- 3 gm tolerance.
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Thomas Carr
Oct 22, 2015
I've been playing golf for 39 years. For the past 35 years I've always been between a 2 to 7 handicap. I consider myself one of the worst iron players ever! I hit it closer with 3, 4 and 5 hybrids than with wedges. I've always been a good wood player and decided to try the Blue Angels because they all look like woods. I've played 4 rounds with the 7-SW (Graffaloy Prolaunch Blue Iron shafts, Stiff) and am very very happy with how they are performing. They go very straight and the distance is very consistent. No more than a 10 yard difference when I miss, which is usually towards the toe. They are a half to full club longer than my Adams A12OS short irons, which were plenty long. I didn't buy them to gain distance (I've always been around 150 yards with an 8-iron. The Blue Angels 8-iron goes about 160 AND higher AND straighter), I bought them to be more consistent and they are exactly that. I have ordered the 2-iron through 6-iron to complete the full 2-SW set and am expecting them in a day or two. Monark shipping is incredibly fast btw, that's awesome. As said on the web site, the SW is not really a SW, it's a GW. The only problem I have now the large gap between the Blue Angels SW at 135-ish to my Ping 56 degree SW at only 110-ish. I'll take that problem any day!!!

Advantages: Consistent. Very solid feel, better than A12OS. Forgiving on mis-hits. Confidence-inspiring look if you like hitting woods. High launch. Did I mention LONG? Economical. High quality paint job, I was surprised and impressed.

Disadvantages: I'm not a big fan of the white color but I'll get used to it. A nice bright Blue like the Cobras would have been nice :-)
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