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Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip

Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip
Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip
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Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip, 440 gm, 20", top dia 1.75", bottom dia 1.25"

  • Arm-Lock Golf Putter Grips are the perfect USGA conforming alternative for those who use an anchored-putting stroke, which will be banned starting in 2016!
  • The Arm Lock Golf Converter Putter Grip is a grip that will turn any putter into an arm-lock putter. In arm-lock putting it is currently necessary to increase the loft of the putter in order to compensate for the "forward press" or "forward lean" created in arm-lock putting. Without increased loft the ball is driven into the ground severely and will hop thus affecting roll as well as line. Currently arm-lock putters are built with a loft of seven degrees ensuring a better and truer roll of the ball. The main drawback to these putters is that they still put the golfer in a very awkward position with more than appropriate or comfortable "forward press." The patented and U.S.G.A. approved Arm-Lock Converter Putter Grip alleviates this forward press while at the same time increasing the loft of the putter by three degrees. This is attained by the angle of the bore in the grip itself
  • Arm-Lock Golf believes that their grip will revolutionize putting after the U.S.G.A. Anchored Putting Ban goes into effect on January 1, 2016. It enables the golfer to take their current putter, whether it is a long "broomstick" putter, "belly" putter or "standard" putter and apply our grip to it without any modifications to the loft of the putter at all. With a "broomstick" or "long" putter it will be necessary to cut the putter down to appropriate arm-lock length. Conversely, a "short" or "standard" length putter will need to be extended to appropriate arm-lock length. In either case it is a simple modification requiring little time, effort or money. For instance, belly putters often need only be re-gripped and are ready for use immediately.
  • Features a rubber underlist and a tacky synthetic leather wrap for great feel, ease of cleaning and durability.
  • top diameter 1.75", bottom diameter 1.25"
  • Weight: 440 gm
  • It is recommended to install these grips using compressed air

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