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The Arm Lock golf converter putgter grip is designed to convert ANY putter into an ARM-LOCK putter thru by the slanted bore angle inside the grip itself. Without increased loft, the ball is driven into the ground and will hop thus affecting roll and line. Arm-lock putters are built with a 7ยบ loft to ensure a better and truer roll of the ball. The main drawback to these putters is that they put a golfer in a very awkward position with more than comfortable 'forward press'. The USGA approved Arm-Lock converter putter grips alleviate this forward press and increase at the same the loft of your putter by 2 to 3 degrees by the built-in slanted core angle inside the grip.


Arm-Lock Golf Big Red Counter-Balance Putter Grip
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Now: $29.95
Arm-Lock Golf Blue Converter Putter Grip
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