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Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Cord

Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Cord Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Cord Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Cord
Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Cord
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SKU: BG-05

Boccieri Golf Secret Grip Standard Cord, 92 g, 0.600" round

  • The Secret Grip raises the balance point of your club – improving your consistency, control and distance.
  • The Boccieri Secret Original Grip features a 17-gram tungsten back-weight and a 40% heavier compound, which raises the balance point of your club. The built-up lower hand section will improve your consistency, control, and distance. Endorsed by Jack Nicklaus who used back-weighted grips during his career! Why use counter balance technology? Counter Balance Grip Technology adds weight to the back, or grip end, of your golf club. Counter-balancing tightens shot dispersion and increases ball speed in the full swing, as well as quieting the hands in the putting motion, producing a smooth pendulum stroke. Having more weight at the grip end of a golf club lightens the swing weight allowing the golfer to generate more speed during the golf swing. The injection molded tungsten cap adds a portion of the additional weight, but the Secret Grip also uses a patented rubber compound that is heavier than a conventional grip.
  • Tungsten weight cap.
  • 1” longer grip length.
  • Grip down indexing marks.
  • Built-up lower hand section.
  • Core size: 0.600" round
  • Weight: 92 gm (+/- 3 gm)
  • Outside diameter: Men's Standard

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