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Fujikura Blur Blue 005 Graphite Wood Shaft

Fujikura Blur Blue 005 Graphite Wood Shaft
Fujikura Blur Blue 005 Graphite Wood Shaft
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Wood R2 = A 4.5° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 59 g 3" Mid-High


  • The Fujikura Blur Blue is a lightweight graphite shaft, "Blur" stands for "Beyond Light, Ultra-Responsive"
  • This lightweight, higher-balance point shaft is designed to accelerate faster and generate swing speeds without compromising the solid and controllable feel typically absent in light weight shafts. Designed using a complex combination of new and innovative fiber and paint technology, Blur is a game changer and continues to be one of Fujikura's best performing products to date.
  • The 005 has medium launch and medium spin with a high torque. The torque is not quite as high as the 004, but will still guarantee a soft tip stiffness.
  • Cage Construction is a new and innovative design methodology that allows Fujikura to create thinner, lighter walls with exceptional stability. The specialized lay-up envelops fibers responsible for the shafts bending stiffness in a "cage" of o-axis materials resulting in the feel and control of a heavier shaft.
  • Phantium Finish is a new, low-density cosmetic finish innovated by Fujikura for the Blur 005. The weight of the finish is so light, it may as well be invisible. Phantium Finish maintains the rich luster and premium appearance Fujikura is recognized for and is up to 70% lighter than standard paint finishes. Phantium Finish allows our designers to fully optimize a shaft's stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Bend Point: Low-Mid (A)
  • Ball Flight: Mid-High (A)
  • Tip TrimmingDriver 0"; #3W 0"; #5W 0.5"; #7W 1"; #9W 1.5"; #11W 1.5"
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