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Aerotech SteelFiber i110 0.355" Tapered Iron Shaft

Aerotech SteelFiber i110 0.355" Tapered Iron Shaft
Aerotech SteelFiber i110 0.355" Tapered Iron Shaft
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Price: $53.00
SKU: GAT-SSi110-355
Select Tapered
Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
0.355 Taper R 2.1° 0.355" 0.602" 41" 108 g Mid
0.355 Taper S 1.9° 0.355" 0.602" 41" 110 g Mid-Low


  • A steel hoop wind in the Aerotech SteelFiber i110 Iron Shafts increases stability during swing.
  • A steel hoop wind incorporated in the shaft increases the dimensional stability during the swing. The high modulus graphite core for increased club head speed and an advanced steel fiber surface layer for stability help redefine golf shaft construction.
  • Players looking to go a little bit lighter than the typical steel shafted irons choose the SteelFiber i110 so they can pick up some yardage while maintaining a low penetrating ball flight and avoid changing the overall feel they are accustomed to from playing steel shafts. The player will also take advantage of the reduced vibrations of a composite shaft resulting in fewer injuries and less fatigue during the round.
  • Tour weight and feel.
  • Provides the trajectory control desired by stronger players.
  • Bend Point: Mid (R), Mid-High (S)
  • Ball Flight: Mid (R), Mid-Low (S)
  • Swing Speed: 80-90 mph (R), 90-100 mph (S)
  • Tip Trimming: Do not tip trim, butt trim only to the desired club length. This shaft has no parallel tip.
  • Specify club when ordering. Pre-trimmed at half-inch increments from 40" (#3 Iron) to 36.5" (Wedges):
    • #3-Iron: 40"
    • #4-Iron: 39.5"
    • #5-Iron: 39"
    • #6-Iron: 38.5"
    • #7-Iron: 38"
    • #8-Iron: 37.5"
    • #9-Iron: 37"
    • Wedge: 36.5"
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