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Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5

Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5
Graphite Design Tour AD BB-5
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MAP Price: $380.00
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood R1 4.3° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 55 g Mid
Wood R2 4.3° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 55.5 g Mid
Wood S 4.3° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 57 g Mid


  • New for 2012, Graphite Design International introduces the newest premium golf shaft in the Tour AD series, Tour AD BB “Blue Bullet.
  • The Tour AD BB features an increased stiffness from the tip-to-middle section to provide the player with more stability. The end result is a tighter shot pattern and an increase in ball speed.
  • Tour AD BB was designed with the appropriate amount of flex in the butt section allowing players the ability to load the shaft properly, thus creating a sense of power. The Tour AD BB shaft will produce a low- to mid-piercing ball flight and reduce spin through impact.
  • Key features are: Mid kick point, Low to mid trajectory, Low to mid ball spin.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Swing Speed: 86-95 mph (R1), 96-105 mph (R2), 105+ mph (S)
  • Tip Trim: Driver 0"; #3 W 1.5"; #5 W 2.0"; #7 W 2.0"
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