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House of Forged Code Red Graphite Golf Shaft

House of Forged Code Red Graphite Golf Shaft
House of Forged Code Red Graphite Golf Shaft
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SKU: GHF-005
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Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight CPM Flight
Wood A 3.5° 0.335" 0.625" 46" 49 g 230 Mid-High
Wood R 3.5° 0.335" 0.625" 46" 50 g 243 Mid-High
Wood S 3.5° 0.335" 0.626" 46" 51 g 253 Mid-High
Wood X 3.5° 0.335" 0.625" 46" 52 g 265 Mid-High
Wood XX 3.5° 0.335" 0.625" 46" 49 g 277 Mid-High

  • This new 49-gram standard 46" driver shaft is quite simply . . . The Bomb.  Recently, House of Forged released an ultra-light shaft called the "59", which at 59-grams is basically 12-15 grams lighter than House of Forged other long drive shafts.  The "59" shaft has dominated long-drive such that 3-of-the-8 TV Finalists in the 2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship used it.  Also, worth noting, 5 of the 8 finalists used House of Forged shafts.
  • Two-time champion Jamie Sasdlowski switched to the "59" LD shaft (as did fellow finalist Aaron Mansfield) after they showed 3-mph added ball-speed, while lowering their spin-rate, and getting more consistency. This new "49" series shaft is the standard driver version of the "59" shaft.
  • Running 48/50/53/55 grams in A/R/S/X flexes with 3.5 degrees of  torque this "fat body" shaft, which utilizes a heavy dose of MATRIX's "HD" technology, is far lighter than the other House of Forged series shafts, and while most 50 gram weight shafts are just spaghetti, the "49" is a stout shaft that even stronger golfers can enjoy.  Despite their significantly lighter weight, the "49" plays-to-flex.  Expect the ball to jump off the face of the club head, launch high and go forever.
  • MATRIX offered House of Forged with a revolutionary "fat body" ultra-lightweight long-drive shaft, which was aptly named the "59" series. That long-drive series shaft quickly dominated long-drive competition such that 3-of-the-8 finalists at the GOLF CHANNEL championship telecast from the Las Vegas Speedway were using those shafts in the TV Finals. No other shaft was represented by more than one competitor. Based upon the success of this long-drive shaft, House of Forged asked MATRIX to build them a 46" standard driver version - enter the "49" series standard driver shaft. This standard (46") length standard driver shaft is offered in A/R/S/X-flexes. It runs just 48-52 grams, launches the ball fairly high, then it flattens-out to a boring ball-flight that goes forever. Don’t assume because of the light weight that this is a soft shaft, it is very strong and for fitting purposes it plays-to-flex.
  • Bend Point: Low-Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid-High
  • Swing Speed: 110-120mph (X), 120-130 (2X), 130+ (3X), 135+ (4X)
  • Tip TrimmingDriver 0"; #3W 0.5"; #5W 1"; #7W 1.5"; #9W 1.5".

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