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House of Forged Platinum Long Drive Graphite Golf Shaft

House of Forged Platinum Long Drive Graphite Golf Shaft
House of Forged Platinum Long Drive Graphite Golf Shaft
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SKU: GHF-003
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Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood 2X 2.5° 0.335" 0.650" 48" 71 g Mid
Wood 3X 2.3° 0.335" 0.650" 48" 72 g Mid

  • Just two months before the 2014 RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championship, House of Forged announced the introduction of what we immodestly described as the "Best long-drive shaft ever made." The PLATINUM shaft met and exceeded those expectations with 4-of-the-8 finalists using the shaft. This was particularly remarkable in light of the fact that only a minimal number of competitors had even heard of this shaft, which utilizes nearly all of MATRIX's newest proprietary technologies. This 69-72/gram weight shaft is now offered with a beautiful, new silver-dust pearl white paint finish, and a new logo to match its awesome performance.
  • Despite the popularity and the success of our “59” shaft, which was used by three-of-the-five TV finalists who used HOF shafts at the 2013 RE/ MAX World Long-Drive Championships, we are introducing a new long-drive shaft called the  = Platinum Edition.
  • In addition to MATRIX’s “HD” technology that was utilized effectively in our “Prototype” series shafts (which allowed for reduced weight in the butt-section = to add weight and thus strength to the tip section), these new shafts utilize a variety of MATRIX’s proprietary technologies; including: CFI (Circumferential Flexura Integrity) to provide consistent flex, despite changing the orientation of the shaft; TTR (Tip Torsion Resistance) to eliminate deformation in the tip-section of the shaft; DeDe Curve Analysis, to identify and correct any energy-loss points across the shaft, and; a Biased Rolling technique for stronger and more integrated joint areas between the butt-section/mid-section/tip-sections of the shaft. The result (we believe) is tour-quality long-drive shaft, which hopefully will prove to be the best long-drive shaft ever offered… The logo features dark metallic silver lettering and a cherry red “Knight’s Helmet,” which is our symbol for this shaft.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Tip TrimmingDo not trip trim, butt trim to desired club length.

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