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Mitsubishi-Rayon Tensei CK Blue Graphite Wood Shaft

Mitsubishi-Rayon Tensei CK Blue Graphite Wood Shaft
Mitsubishi-Rayon Tensei CK Blue Graphite Wood Shaft
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Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood 50 R 5.6° 0.335" 0.602" 46" 54 g Mid
Wood 50 S 5.5° 0.335" 0.606" 46" 57 g Mid
Wood 50 X 5.4° 0.335" 0.610" 46" 60 g Mid
Wood 60 R 4.6° 0.335" 0.610" 46" 64 g Mid
Wood 60 S 4.5° 0.335" 0.614" 46" 67 g Mid
Wood 60 X 4.4° 0.335" 0.618" 46" 70 g Mid
Wood 70 R 4.0° 0.335" 0.636" 46" 73 g Mid
Wood 70 S 4.0° 0.335" 0.640" 46" 76 g Mid
Wood 70 X 3.9° 0.335" 0.642" 46" 78 g Mid


  • The new TENSEI CK Blue Series profile modernizes Mitsubishi-Rayon's classic, smooth bend profile. The multi-material design includes a Kevlar weave in the butt section that refines the shaft’s overall bend profile and improves feel, making it a versatile fit for many player types and driver/fairway wood needs.
  • The new TENSEI™ CK Series features a multi-material design that optimizes classic, tour-proven MRC GOLF bend profiles in much the same manner as racecar designs use exotic materials to enhance performance and efficiency. This innovative brand debuts in January 2016, with the TENSEI™ CK Blue Series that includes more materials than any other shaft we’ve ever made to date, making it the most playable of our smooth profiles.
  • In fact, the Japanese word “Tensei” means “transformation” in English -- a more-than-appropriate name for this new franchise. While a typical shaft series includes three-to-six materials, the TENSEI CK Series combines 11 different prepreg materials, including our Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) prepreg, ultra-thin prepreg and for the first time a Carbon Fiber/DuPont™ Kevlar® weave featuring MRC carbon fiber -- all to help refine and take our classic smooth bend profile to an entirely new level.
  • The Tensei CK Blue Series offers Mid Launch and Mid Spin.
  • Carbon/DuPont Kevlar (CK): A Carbon Fiber/DuPont™ Kevlar® (CK) woven material; featuring MRC Carbon fiber has been strategically placed under the hands to increase the strength and stability in the butt-section of the shaft in addition to providing superior feel and feedback throughout the swing.
  • Ultra Light Weight Materials: Our expertise in creating thousands of versions of carbon fiber and resin combinations gives us the ability to create unique high-performance materials designed to deliver exactly what our engineers require to make our ultra-lightweight, high-performance shafts.
  • Low Resin Content (LRC): Our Low Resin Content prepreg, with up to 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less resin than traditional prepregs allows us to create a higher density of carbon fibers without adding additional weight. The Result: Added strength with enhanced feel.
  • Available in 50 g, 60 g and 70 g weight ranges to fit a wide array of golfers.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Tip Trimming: Driver 0"; #3W 0.5"; #5W 0.75"; #7W 1"; #9W 1"
  • Special Order item requires extra time before shipping
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