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House of Forged Express Graphite Golf Shaft

House of Forged Express Graphite Golf Shaft
House of Forged Express Graphite Golf Shaft
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Item# Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight CPM Flight
GHF-EXP-WA Wood A 4.0° 0.335" 0.585" 46" 58 g 229 Mid-High
GHF-EXP-WR Wood R 3.5° 0.335" 0.585" 46" 61 g 241 Mid-High
GHF-EXP-WS Wood S 3.3° 0.335" 0.585" 46" 65 g 252 Mid-High
GHF-EXP-WX Wood X 3.1° 0.335" 0.585" 46" 67 g 263 Mid-High

  • The EXPRESS standard driver shafts feature MATRIX'S proprietary TTR (tip-torsion-resistance) technology in order to offer a shaft that is strong from butt-to-the-tip of the shaft with elasticity across the shaft. This will propel the ball with as much speed as possible, while lowering the ball-spin rate for a boring ball-flight and less side-to-side dispersion in the same manner as our championship-winning long-drive shafts.
  • These standard (58-67/gram-weight) shafts will dominate the so-called "premium" golf shafts of other manufacturers, which often cost three times as much.
  • The Express plays strong-to-flex, because of the stiff butt-section and stiff tip-sections, which is combined with an elastic mid-section.
  • The Express is a great shaft for better and for stronger golfers who are looking for a boring ball-flight with less side-to-side dispersion and straight roll-out.
  • House-of-Forged graphite shafts are made in the USA in small batches by Matrix, however designed and proven by the feedback of numermous Long Driver players and champions. 
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Swing Speed: 70-80mph (A), 80-95 (R), 90-105 (S), 105-115 (X), 115+ (2X)
  • Tip TrimmingDriver 0"; #3W 0.5"; #5W 1"; #7W 1.5"; #9W 1.5".

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