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Penley Quasar ET3 Graphite Wood Shaft

Penley Quasar ET3 Graphite Wood Shaft
Penley Quasar ET3 Graphite Wood Shaft
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Price: $229.00
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood R 4.0° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 65 g Mid
Wood S 3.5° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 66 g Mid
Wood X 2.9° 0.335" 0.600" 46" 68 g Mid

  • The PENLEY QUASAR ET3 Shaft is an expansion of the Tour Proven ET2. The QUASAR was developed for a wide range of players of all levels of play – including the Touring Pro, but still keeping all the benefits of Feel, Control, Distance and Accuracy the ET2 shaft was designed for. Keeping with the ETA family tradition, the QUASAR ET3 utilizes Penley's proprietary TBAR Algorithm and Penley's ZONE FLEX CHARACTERIZATION
  • Benefits of the QUASAR:
    • Designed for more flex, but with same control
    • Tighter Dispersion
    • Improved Miss/Hits with the full implementation of the TBAR Theorem = More Hits staying in the Fairway
    • T.S.C. (Triple tip Shaft Control) gives the player 3 times the Tip Control which means: Faster Player Swing Speed, less compounding of a Miss/Hits. Faster Swing Speeds with less mental and muscular adjustments. CONFIDENCE in every swing
  • Penley shafts are designed, manufactured and built in San Diego, California to exacting tolerances. Each of the shafts ships with its related TBAR sheet, which records the TBAR (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) load characteristics and Zone Flex of that shaft.
  • The TBAR Algorithm (Tip to Butt Aspect Ratio) is the determining flex factor, although we do apply some common flex range description to help players determine which golf shaft is best suited for their level of play. Note: Carter Penley developed a specific flex range for the professional level player (PGA, LPGA, Long Drive and aspiring amateurs) and denotes that flex as ‘Z’. Players of this level may want to contact the factory to determine if the production mid-range TBAR shaft is suitable for their specific swing.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Swing Speed: 80-95 mph (R), 96-105 mph (S), 106-115 mph (X)
  • Tip Trimming: No tip trim, Butt Trim to desired club length.

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