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Project X LZ 44" OEM Graphite Wood Shaft

Project X LZ 44" OEM Graphite Wood Shaft
Project X LZ 44" OEM Graphite Wood Shaft
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Regular: $199.95
Price: $15.95
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood A = 4.5 4.8º 0.335" 0.605" 44" 53 g Mid
Wood R = 5.5 4.5º 0.335" 0.605" 44" 54 g Mid
  • This 44" OEM shaft was found in Callaway XR drivers and XR fairway woods.
  • By incorporating the most advanced carbon fiber material technology available in the industry today, Project X engineers have designed a shaft that produces maximum ball speed while preserving critical stability and control through the hitting zone.
  • The original Project X shaft has a stiff tip and stiff butt with a straight profile in the center. The center section of the new Project X LZ is much softer than tip and butt ends. The soft mid section is called Loading Zone because it increases deflection, loads the shaft more at the downswing and releases more energy at impact. In the middle of the shaft you get a strong load in transition and a big kick through impact. The kick is tight and strong without feeling sloppy or twisty. The new LZ promotes more head speed, more ball speed and more distance.
  • The stiffness at butt and tip still gives you the control the Project X is known for. This helps to make the shaft very accurate and gives you a consistent feel.
  • The new Project X LZ produces optimized shaft loading with unrivaled stability. The result is maximum ball speed with total control.
  • The reduced weight provides explosive power while preserving critical tip stability and low spin performance.
  • The Project X LZ features an elaborate finish, the mid section is matte black with embedded woven carbon fibers indicating the soft loading zone. Tip and butt sections feature a detailed blue/silver artwork indicating that these sections are stiffer than the mid section.
  • These genuine shafts were designed and manufactured by Project-X for Callaway XR golf clubs and are offered now at a fraction of the original price.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Tip Trimming: Driver 0"; #3W 0.5"; #5W 1"; #7W 1"; #9W 1"; #11W 1".

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