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UST ProForce V2-75 Graphite Wood Shaft

UST ProForce V2-75 Graphite Wood Shaft
UST ProForce V2-75 Graphite Wood Shaft 3
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Price: $59.99
SKU: GU-73-W
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood S 2.2° 0.335" 0.605" 46" 76 g Mid
Wood X 2.2° 0.335" 0.605" 46" 76 g Mid


  • The ProForce V2 uses a combination of 19 types of aerospace-quality materials. These micro-fiber layers are situated in a proprietary fiber orientation to ensure constant taper and consistent flex and feel between each shaft weight category.
  • ProForce V2 is for the player seeking a flatter, more penetrating ball flight. The firm tip section produces a medium launch condition and increased ball flight. The Proforce V2 uses the most superior materials and design to produce a very stable, consistent golf shaft. The super low-torque provides maximum control for today's larger club heads.
  • The V2-75 is designed for players with higher swing seeking control and distance.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Swing Speed: 90-100 mph (R), 100-110 mph (S), 110-120 mph (X)
  • Tip Trimming: Driver: 0"; #3 W: 1"; #5 W: 2"; #7 W: 2".
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Feb 28, 2014
good salesman steve the next shaft i bye will be these shafts. then i will get hold of you an you can tell me how to tune the shafts
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Steve Mason
May 31, 2013
I've used many different shafts over the years now and I keep coming back to UST as I feel I get the best performance for the money with UST V2's. I've also seen many golfers in my area using these shafts on their R11's instead of the stock shaft they come with i.e., Fujikira. People I golf with have had me make them new clubs with shaft shaft in mind after hitting my club. I'm now testing the VTS Black 7TX, a tour shaft and next will be the ATTAS. Aldila and Fujikura shafts would come in second to UST in my opinion.

Advantages: 1) Low torque with good feel.
2) When tuned properly excellent performance with straight drives, provided you don't open up which isn't the shafts fault.
2) Nice clean looking shaft.

Disadvantages: Really none persay however the shaft has two spines and they are not 180 degrees off axis. The major spine is very close to perpendicular to swing alignment. The minor spline tends to be 35-45 degrees off of the major spline. What I do is pure the shaft and then use the major spline to frequency tune it to get to the linear movement of the shaft.
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Steve Mason
Aug 24, 2012
I've built many different clubs over the last two years and by far for medium to inexpensive shafts UST ProForce V2 series are my favorite graphite shafts. They are quality shafts that when tuned properly perform as good as very expensive shafts for a moderate price and outperform other shafts in their class made by Fujikura, Aldila, Syntec, and Grafalloy. My second choice would be a tie between Aldila & Grafalloy.
I have several versions of the ProForce V2's Woods & Hybrids all ranging from R or S type shafts with torque's in the mid 3-4 range to my favorites, their latest lines, in the low 2-2.5 range which are very stiff (X shafts). I can hit the mid torque shafts well and the feel is much softer but very controlled however for my higher swing speed the low torque shafts are much better. With the mid-flight shafts I can hit the ball high if I wish or if I need to keep the ball low I can, with great results. I can't say enough about UST and I'm looking forward to trying their AXIVCore next. Lately at one of the club's I golf at I've noticed lots of other golfers using UST V2's and a lot of them are R11's re-shafted with ProForce V2 shafts.

Advantages: High Quality
Controlled Flex
Moderate Cost
Light Shafts for Stiffness

Disadvantages: A little more difficult to tune as there are two spine points that are not 180 deg apart so frequency tuning (Purring) is the best method to use, as it normally is.
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