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Steel Golf Shafts

Monark Golf offers a complete line of steel golf shafts from the industry's top shaft manufacturers such as True Temper, Project X, Nippon steel shafts, KBS and FST steel iron shafts. We are carrying steel golf shafts in 0.370" parallel tip as well as 0.355" tapered tip to reshaft OEM iron heads.
Besides brand name steel shafts, we are also stocking up the entire line of Apollo steel golf shafts at lowest possible prices. Apollo steel shafts don't compromise on quality and offer a better value than OEM steel golf shafts. The Apollo Acculite 75 steel shaft is one of the lightest steel shaft on the market and offered below $10.00. the Apollo Acculite 75 is a super light weight steel shaft and great alternative to graphite iron shafts.
Make Monark Golf your one-stop shop for steel golf shafts and your golf clubmaking needs.

Apollo Steel Shafts Apollo Steel Shafts 19 products FST Steel Shaft FST Steel Shaft 5 products KBS Steel Shaft KBS Steel Shaft 15 products Nippon Steel Nippon Steel 1 products Project X Steel Shafts Project X Steel Shafts 2 products True Temper Steel Shafts True Temper Steel Shafts 30 products


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True Temper XP115 Tapered
(0 reviews)  
Now: $26.99
Apollo AccuLite-75 UltraLite Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-1092-I
(1 reviews)    
Now: $10.95
Apollo AccuLite-85 UltraLite Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-92-I
(4 reviews)    
Now: $8.49
Apollo AccuLite-95 Light Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-1095-I
(5 reviews)    
Now: $6.49
KBS C-Taper Lite - 0.370" Parallel Tip
(0 reviews)  
Now: $40.95
Apollo Phantom Stepless Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-1083-I
(2 reviews)    
Now: $8.49
Apollo Shadow Steel Shaft
(1 reviews)    
Now: $4.75
Apollo Spectre Lite Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-86-I
(2 reviews)    
Now: $5.55
Apollo Black Steel Stepless
SKU: SS-1085-I-Black
(0 reviews)  
Now: $7.15
KBS Tour Steel - 0.355 Taper Tip
(0 reviews)  
Now: $26.95
KBS Tour 105 0.355" Taper Tip Steel Iron Shafts
(0 reviews)  
Now: $26.95
Apollo Standard Stepless Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-83-I
(3 reviews)    
Now: $3.95
Apollo Standard Stepped Iron Steel Shaft
SKU: SS-82-I
(7 reviews)    
Now: $3.49
KBS 560 Junior Steel Iron Golf Shaft
SKU: KB14-0560-IRS
(0 reviews)  
Now: $24.95
KBS 580 Junior Steel Iron Golf Shaft
SKU: KB15-0580-IRS
(0 reviews)  
Now: $24.95
Nippon N.S. Pro 1100 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Shafts
SKU: 353093
(0 reviews)  
Now: $12.45
Project X Flighted 95 0.370" Parallel Tip Steel Iron Shafts
SKU: 35359

Sale - 68% OFF

(0 reviews)  
Now: $11.95
True Temper XP95 Parallel Tip Steel Iron Golf Shafts
(0 reviews)  
Now: $26.99
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