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Apollo AccuLite-85 UltraLite Steel Shaft

Apollo AccuLite-85 UltraLite Steel Shaft
Apollo AccuLite-85 UltraLite Steel Shaft 4
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Regular: $8.95
Price: $8.55
SKU: SS-92-I
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Iron R 0.370" 0.600" 40" 92 g High
Iron S 0.370" 0.600" 40" 95 g High


  • The new Apollo AccuLite 85 is an ultra-lightweight steel shaft and has a cut weight of 20 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts.
  • The lightweight design provides additional feel and promotes trajectory & distance golfers seek from a graphite shaft, but provides the stability & control of a steel shaft.
  • Bend Point: Low-Mid
  • Ball Flight: High
  • Step Pattern: Stepped
  • Swing Speed: 70-80 mph (R), 80-90 mph (S)
  • Tip Trimming: #3I 0.5"; #4I 1"; #5I 1.5"; #6I 2"; #7I 2.5"; #8I 3" #9I & Wedges 3.5".
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Carlton Lum
Jun 30, 2015
I love this shaft and the price too. I am 60 years old and my swing is not what it not what it used to be. 15 years ago, I was driving the ball 260. With a slower swing, I move to graphite shafts10 yeas ago. I did appreciate the less weight, but the graphite shafts were torquing too much. And my shot placement suffered as did ball energy at impact.

I wanted to come back to steel and find a steel shaft that was light weight, less torque and lively. I bought these Apollo 85 light weight regular stepped shafts and matched them to the new Dynacraft CB Propet iron heads. Tipped trimmed them to medium stiff and butt trim to standard. These shafts work great. Just the correct flex to allow me to load my shaft in the down swing and meet the ball effortless. This shafts gave me back my distance I lost over the years. My divot returned and the shaft is allowing me to attack my shots. My 150 yardage club is now a hard 8, or smooth 7 iron. I was so pleased I build an identical back up set and soon my son in law will get a new set too. No doubt, what I now have with these shaft has helped je gain much more confidence that my handicap dropped to 8. ,y favorite shots during a round in gold is getting to hit my irons.

Advantages: Lightweight allowing me to attain more cub head speed. Load and builds energy and releases at the ball. This shaft is geared to smoother tempo. I'm sure they would work great if your swing speeds are in the hight 90's but make sure you get the stiff shafts.

Disadvantages: None.
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jim wright
Feb 26, 2015
The shafts are really good. Super light for steel with a low kick point to help my student get the ball into the air easier. These are great shafts for the average player

Advantages: The quality of the shafts and the price point can't be beat. Great deal.

Disadvantages: none
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Aug 13, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I put these shafts on all of my irons and hybrids. They're plenty strong for their weight. I find that my shots have a nice and level mid flight, but I'm able to get the ball pretty high if I need it. That comes in handy with up and downs. Although these shafts are inexpensive, they're built incredibly well.
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Michael Sloan
Mar 25, 2013
Installed these shafts in my daughters golf clubs. She likes steel shafts, but I felt she needed a lighter shaft to increase her swing speed.

Advantages: My daughter has increased her distance an average of 10 yards per club. She is a 7 handicap and plays at men's' distance. (5800 - 6200)

Disadvantages: None
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