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KBS Hi-Rev Wedge Steel Tapered

KBS Hi-Rev Wedge Steel Tapered
KBS Hi-Rev Wedge Steel Tapered
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Price: $28.95
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Iron R 0.355" 0.600" 37" 115 g Mid
Iron S 0.355" 0.600" 37" 125 g Low-Mid
Iron X 0.355" 0.600" 37" 135 g Low


  • In early 2010, the USGA put into effect a series of groove rule changes designed to reduce the amount of spin caused by modern club heads. On TOUR and in the industry, the USGA found players were no longer penalized effectively for hitting carelessly. In essence, modern grooves afforded players too much control, by generating more spin, from all shot conditions.
  • Naturally, high-caliber players immediately began looking for other solutions to gain back lost spin hence the KBS Hi-REV. Using the KBS Tour step pattern, KBS has created a shaft that imparts a noticeable increase in revolutions per minute (RPMs) helping players maintain shot control.
  • Designed to fit major manufacture's pro-line irons and wedges requiring a 0.355" taper tip shafts.
  • Bend Point: Mid (R), Mid-High (S), High (X)
  • Ball Flight: Mid (R), Low-Mid (S), Low (X)
  • Swing Speed: 80-89 mph (R), 90-99 mph (S), 100+ mph (X)
  • Tip Trimming: No tip trim, butt trim to desired club length. This shaft has no parallel tip.

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