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True Temper XP105 0.355" Taper Tip Steel Iron Shafts

True Temper XP105 0.355" Taper Tip Steel Iron Shafts
True Temper XP105 0.355" Taper Tip Steel Iron Shafts
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Price: $26.99
Select Tapered
Shaft Flex Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Iron R 0.355" 0.600" 40.5" - 36.5" 100 g High
Iron S 0.355" 0.600" 40.5" - 36.5" 101 g High


  • We all aspire to play inside the ropes but few ever do. The new XP Series brings your game inside the ropes by delivering explosive power and distance to every iron in the bag. Robot and player testing has shown an average of 6-8 yards improvement in carry distance with many players seeing double-digit yardage gains. Featuring optimized trajectory in a superlight weight design, the XP shafts are engineered to be the longest and most forgiving steel iron shafts in the game today.
  • XP 105 has an additional 10 grams of weight compared to XP 95, making it a great option for slightly faster tempo swingers. True Temper's R&D team designed XP 105 to deliver maximum distance properties, exacting yardage and dispersion control shot after shot.
  • Light Weight design: Made from special steel alloy with higher tensile strength allowing for lighter weight designs.
  • Dual step pattern: Longer steps near the butt of the shaft, shorter steps closer to the tip. The shorter Speed Steps create a quicker loss of stiffness in the shaft as it gets closer to the tip, increasing launch angles.
  • Tempo: XP105 is a great shaft option for moderate swingers.
  • Trajectory: XP105 produces a high trajectory ball flight.
  • Spin: XP105 delivers a moderate ball spin for optimum distance and accuracy.
  • Ball Flight: High
  • Bend Point: Low
  • Recommended Swing Speed: 75-85 mph (R), 80-90 mph (S), 88-95 mph (X)
  • Tip Trimming: Do not tip trim, butt trim only to the desired club length. This shaft has no parallel tip.
  • Specify club when ordering. Pre-trimmed at half-inch increments from 36.5" (wedges) to 40" (#3-Iron):
    • #3-Iron: 40"
    • #4-Iron: 39.5"
    • #5-Iron: 39"
    • #6-Iron: 38.5"
    • #7-Iron: 38"
    • #8-Iron: 37.5"
    • #9-Iron: 37"
    • Wedge: 36.5"

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