AccuFlex Golf Shafts

AccuFlex Golf Shafts

AccuFLEX Golf Shafts

About AccuFlex Golf Shafts:
In 2001, AccuFLEX Golf shafts exploded onto the professional golf scene, making major inroads on the Nationwide Tour and on the professional Long Drive circuit. The launch of the AccuFLEX ICON and ICON V.2 Tour shafts in 2002 earned victories on both the PGA and Nationwide Tours within two weeks of its introduction. The ICON was in the bag of the 2002 PGA Advil Western Open champion, as well as in the bag of the 2002 Nationwide SAS Carolina Classic winner. On October 19th of 2002 AccuFLEX Golf capped off its remarkable year with three wins at the ReMax World Long Drive Championship. AccuFLEX shafts were used to come from nowhere to shock the Long Drive World by winning the men's Open Division, Men's Senior Division and Girl's Junior Division titles.

AccuFLEX's successful launch onto the professional Tours, unprecedented for a shaft company this young, led to even greater successes in 2003 when the AccuFLEX ICON v.2 earned the first two of its Major Championship Titles at the Champions Tour Senior British Open and Tradition Events. The ICON v.2 also earned the 2003 Nationwide Tour Championship title in the driver and fairway woods of the winner of the Nationwide's yearly major championship.

In 2004, AccuFLEX golf shafts swept the ReMax World Long Drive Championships with victories in the Men's Open, Men's Senior and Women's Open Divisions, cementing its dominance of the ever-growing sport of Long Drive. AccuFLEX further continued its successful trend on the various PGA Tours in 2004 by earning its 3rd major championship at the 2004 Senior British Open and, through year's end, had accumulated a total of ten PGA, Champions and Nationwide Tour victories. In 2004 AccuFLEX introduced the revolutionary "Evolution" shaft, the first ever graphite shaft made exclusively with Nano Composite(TM). By end of 2004, the AccuFLEX EVOLUTION had earned several top tens on the Nationwide and was being used by an increasing number of Tour Players.

Accuflex Filament Winding:
Some filament wound shafts feel too harsh and break easily. The main cause of this is, too much resin and not enough fiber content, or lack of premium composites. AccuFLEX has broken through this barrier with a proprietary process. AccuFLEX is able to use less resin, more fiber, and exotic composites while computer controlling each segment of the shaft, to tune the performance based on a particular swing type. AccuFLEX incorporates a proprietary multi head filament winding manufacturing process. This process uses a computer controlled, multi head winder.  A Filament wound shaft is the most symmetrically (round) shaft made, and exhibits a consistent "frequency pattern" around 360º of the shaft. AccuFLEX Filament wound shafts have No Seam, that combined with our proprietary manufacturing process and high grade materials, makes for a more consistent, high performance product.

Accuflex A2 Technology:
A2 Technology is a combination of two processes. Number one, AccuFLEX's proprietary manufacturing process. Number two, advanced high tonage composites. AccuFLEX has sourced the best quality graphite, composite materials not even previously available to the golf market. A2 Technology increases the feel, durability and playability of each shaft. This is accomplished by using more of the exotic materials, while reducing the resin content, creating less voids in the material and in turn creating tighter tolerances, which all relate to better performance.

Nano Technology:
AccuFLEX Golf’s Nano Composite technology enhancement increases the surface area of our shafts thereby creating a tighter molecular structure. This means that shafts that are enhanced with AccuFLEX Golf’s Nano Composite technology have less voids in the fiber, tighter tolerances and can feature lighter weight with more fiber density. Nano Composite technology shafts are also stronger, have faster recovery with less shaft deformation while transmitting better feel.

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AccuFLEX Assassin II World Champion: AccuFLEX Assassin II World Champion
Designed to deliver a long drive punch for better players, this shaft incorporates AccuFlex A2 Advanced Design Composite. Mid bend point for controlled trajectory. Mid torque design for accuracy. At 46.5" and 66 grams, this lightweight shaft is great for a wide array of golfers. Used on Champions and Nationwide and Europian PGA Tours in 2003. The A2WC was used by former LPGA Tour Player Sally Dee to capture the 2003 LDA Tour Championship women's title. Also available as 50" Long Drive shaft and iron shafts.

AccuFLEX Pro LD World Champion: AccuFLEX Pro LD World Champion
The Pro LD is the lightest among AccuFlex Distance Series and was co-designed by Pat Dempsey, the 2002 ReMax World Long Drive Senior division champion. Inspired by the lightweight Vizion shaft, the 'P-Diddy' is an A2 infused, feather light bomber. A2 Advanced Design Technology transmit terrific feel and recovery in the shaft. Also available as 50" Long Drive shaft.

AccuFLEX Vizion UltraLite and Vizion50 Long Drive: AccuFLEX Vizion UltraLite and Vizion50 Long Drive
At 55 grams, the Vizion is the lightest AccuFlex shaft. Great choice for any golfer seeking more club speed and more distance. Junior amateur golfers Jonathan Blasko and Lauren Motyle used the Vizion to hit ReMax World Long Drive Championship junior boys and girls division, winning drives of 366 and 288 yards. The Vizion also won a driving distance title at the 2001 Monterey Classic PGA Tour event in Seaside, CA. Also available as 50" Long Drive shaft.

AccuFLEX Evolution Nano: AccuFLEX Evolution Nano
Incorporates Nano Composite technology. Shafts have fewer voids in the fiber, tighter tolerances and feature lighter weight with more fiber densivity. Shafts are also stronger, have faster recovery with less shaft deformation while transmitting better feel.

AccuFLEX Creation: AccuFLEX Creation
This precision shaft has a unique, long butt parallel section that tapers quickly into the bottom of the shaft. This design stores energy longer, and the quick taper at the end acts as a hinge to create a higher launch angle with decreased back spin. The result is optimal unloading of the shaft at impact. Made of nanometal polymer composites (NanoMet Technology), the shaft has precise weight distribution and variable bending properties throughout its profile for a unbelievable stable shaft. Medium-firm tip stiffness and high bend point for controlled trajectory. Finished in a metalic rich ION plated finish.

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