Accuflex Graphite Shaft

AccuFlex graphite shafts became an instant hit when it won several PGA tournaments in 2002. Since then Accuflex captured 25 PGA Tour victories. AccuFlex golf shafts also won numerous ReMax World Long Drive championships and other Long Drive contests.

AccuFlex shafts are filament wound, not table rolled, there is virtually no seam to cause any inconsistency. AccuFlex shafts are made from high tonnage, premium carbon fibers not found in other shafts. Nano Technology is creating a higher molecular structure and eliminates voids in the fiber. The benefit is lighter weight, higher fiber density and less resin for faster recovery and reduced shaft deformation.

The iconic Assassin II World Champ is AccuFlex most popular shaft. This 65 gram lightweight shaft features a mid bend point for controlled trajectory and a mid torque design for accuracy and is great for a wide array of golfers. Assassin is also available as 50" Long Drive shaft and as iron shafts.


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