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AeroTech Golf Shafts

AeroTech Golf Shafts

About AeroTech Graphite Shafts:
Beginning production of Golf Shafts in 1994, Aerotech was able to take advantage of its vast knowledge of composites and create new innovative performance enhancing designs. Originally operating as an OEM supplier Aerotech produced golf shafts for companies such as Cleveland Golf, Adams Golf, Fenwick, Lynx, Zevo and Pure Spin among many others. By launching its own branded golf shafts in 2002, Aerotech has become known as a producer of some of the most innovative, high quality golf shafts on the market.

Technology of AeroTech Golf Shafts:
The steel fiber material is produced using a bundle drawing process that utilizes multiple reductions in the diameter of stainless steel wire. Once the wire becomes thin enough, 1,000 individual wires are bundled together and placed inside an iron tube that is further reduced until each individual steel wire is 8 microns in diameter. Each 8 micron steel filament is approximately 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. Finally, 3,000 individual filaments are combined and spun onto spools. More than 59 miles of steel fiber is then applied to the surface of each shaft with extreme precision using a computer-controlled wet winding technique. Steel fiber is applied in the Hoop (90 degree) orientation to eliminate distortion of the shaft during the swing and at impact for exceptional stability.

SteelFiber Hoop Strength vs Graphite:
When comparing the hoop strength of a SteelFiber shaft to a standard graphite shaft under the same load, it is easy to see the superiority of the Aerotech technology. The SteelFiber’s superior hoop strength prevents the shaft from deforming during the swing and at impact for unmatched stability during the golf swing.

SteelFiber Hoop Strength vs Steel:
Comparing the hoop strength of a SteelFiber shaft versus a steel shaft under the same load is equally impressive. The SteelFiber shaft has superior hoop strength to even the steel shaft giving it better stability than the benchmark of the industry.

Effect of SteelFiber on Wall Thickness:
Because the density (weight) of the steel fiber is 5x that of graphite, the shaft weight can be manipulated with 1/5th the amount of material which helps minimize wall thickness. This eliminates the “boardy” feel often associated with thicker walled composite shafts promoting a more solid feel through impact.

Perimeter Weighted Golf Shaft:
As the world’s first perimeter weighted golf shaft, Aerotech’s SteelFiber adds more stability and forgiveness with every shot. The steel fiber around the perimeter creates a greater density (weight) on the shaft’s surface that moves the shaft wall’s center of gravity (CG) outward, thus increasing the shaft’s Moment of Inertia (MOI).

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AeroTech SteelFiber Graphite Shaft: AeroTech SteelFiber Graphite Shaft
The SteelFiber i80 is the Number One selling SteelFiber Iron Shaft: Gives a player all of the benefits of a 100% graphite shaft but with remarkable control and consistency. Whether a player is looking to get back the valuable yardage they lost over the years or has been playing a 100% graphite shaft that is too light and lost their accuracy the SteelFiber i80 can really do it all. The SteelFiber i70 is a great shaft for slower swing speed players looking to gain as much yardage as possible. This shaft is offered in a wide range of flexes and can hold up to even the most demanding swings. You won’t find a more stable 75 gram iron shaft anywhere.

AeroTech Claymore Graphite Shaft:  AeroTech Claymore Graphite Shaft
Constructed with the new High Modulus Microtex carbon fiber the Claymore MX48 is the most stable ultra-light wood shaft ever produced. With the same futuristic construction as the MX48 the Claymore MX60 offers a player slightly higher weight and lower torque than its lighter counterpart. The Claymore LD series shaft is designed for the forces generated by the modern long drive specialists and is engineered to hold up to the forces exerted by world class long drive competitors.

AeroTech ALT470 Graphite Shaft:     AeroTech ALT470 Graphite Shaft
Super flexible stiffness profile allows even the slowest speeds to load the shaft properly resulting in increased launch angles, higher spin rates and longer hang time. This all adds up to greater distance for the swing speed impaired. The ALT470 is offered in two flexes, the A2 senior squared flex and L2 ladies squared flex. Each of these two flexes is much softer than the typical senior and ladies flexes but constructed with Aerotech’s hoop wind surface layer making this shaft more stable and therefore playable than any other super flexible shaft available.

AeroTech PowerCoil 50/PowerCoil 65 Graphite ShaftAeroTech PowerCoil 50/PowerCoil 65 Graphite Shaft
The Powercoil HP50 weighs in at just over 50-grams with a torque that is envious of even some of the highest priced ultralight shafts on the market. The shaft is designed so the softer flexes have progressively softer tips to help the slower swing speed players optimize launch conditions. The Powercoil HP65 is designed for players looking for a slightly stiffer tip and lower ball flight than the 50 gram shaft. This low torque design combined with the hoop wind surface layer allows this shaft to hold up to even some of the most powerful swings. The HP65 is one of our most versatile wood shafts in our product line.