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About Apollo Golf Shafts
Apollo golf shafts started in England over 150 years ago, Apollo received a patent for the first tubular steel golf shaft. Apollo shafts exemplify the highest quality standard weight and lightweight steel and graphite shafts at incredible prices.
The Apollo line includes best-sellers CWS (Constant Weight Steel) Tapered Steel shaft, the ultralight Apollo UL and the industry standard Apollo Stepped Steel shaft. Apollo shafts can be found in many OEM golf clubs such as Macgregor, Cleveland Golf, Tommy Armour and Wilson Golf

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Apollo Acculite Steel Shafts:
The new Apollo AccuLite 75 represents the latest design in sub ultra-lightweight technology. This is another full 10 grams lighter than the AccuLite 85 shaft and has a cut weight of 30 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts. The lightweight design is geared towards those players who have a smoother tempo to produce the greatest club head speed with a steel shaft. The AccuLite 75 is the perfect alternative to graphite in terms of weight, yet produces the accuracy and low torque consistency long associated with steel shafts. Low-mid bend point promotes a high ball trajectory.
The new Apollo AccuLite 85 is an ultra-lightweight steel shaft and has a cut weight of 20 grams lighter than most lightweight steel shafts. The lightweight design provides additional feel and promotes trajectory & distance golfers seek from a graphite shaft, but provides the stability & control of a steel shaft. Low-mid bend point promotes a mid-high ball trajectory.
The Acculite 95 is yet another high performance lightweight steel shaft from Apollo, but don’t let the more traditional step pattern fool you. This shaft delivers an astonishing blend of balance, control and feel. In what might be the most popular weight in the series this shaft possesses enough difference in weight between standard weight shafts to noticeably swing with less effort, yet not so light that it could sacrifice any control. Lightweight design in a longer length of 42". A great option for building longer clubs.

Apollo Shadow Graphite Shafts:
The Apollo Shadow is a 100% graphite shaft well suited for the mid handicapper. Apollo performance in a mid torque and mid weight range design allows you to fit the majority of players. Mid bend point for a mid ball trajectory.
The Shadow UL is an excellent ultralight graphite shaft designed for the mid handicapper. Light 62 gram weight allows for faster swing speeds, while the mid torque provides accuracy without feeling too harsh. 100% high modulus graphite. Mid flex point promotes a mid ball trajectory.
The Apollo Shadow FL (Feather Lite) is the lightest shaft in the series. Designed for players with a smoother tempo looking at improved trajectory and distance. Low bend promotes a high ball flight to get the ball easily airborne with less efforts.

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