Custom Club Fitting Session

Our proven Custom Fitting Wizard is absolutely free and will take you less than 5 minutes to determine certain specifications for your new custom fit golf clubs. Our method is simple, accurate, and yet effective. To custom fit your golf clubs, you need to know:

1) Your Gender (male or female)
2) Your Body Height (standing straight on hard floor with non-golf shoes on)
3) The Distance from your Wrist (where it bends) to the floor (let somebody measure it for you).

Questions 1) - 2) will determine the desired club length. The correct length allows for more consistent impact on the hitting face for greater accuracy, distance and feel.

4) What Club do you use at the 150 Yard Marker? This question will evaluate your skill level, swing speed and handicap. Your individual skill level will determine the desired shaft flex & weight. The correct shaft flex provides accuracy and feel.

5) What Glove Size are you using? The glove size will determine the grip size. The grip is the only contact with the club and it should be comfortable without excessively tightening your hands. When you tighten your hands, you tighten your forearm muscles. When you tighten your forearm muscles, your swing becomes short and cramped versus long and fluid.

6) A more advanced fitting session will require hitting balls and observing the ball flight. Video camera, launch monitor and advanced computer software can track ball flight accurately. However not all golfers have the time or a club fitter in their area. Beside this, you may be new to the game of golf and need basic clubs, but ones that are specifically sized to your individual needs. Online custom fit clubs will put you on the right path to improve your game. Many standard box sets are performing so poorly that statistically the majority of beginners are quitting the game of golf within 1 year.

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