FST Steel Shafts

About FST Steel Shafts:
FEMCO Steel Technology (FST) is the golf branch of our parent company, the Far East Machinery Co. Ltd.. Since it’s founding in 1949, FEMCO has been committed to creating and providing high-quality and cost-effective steel products and services worldwide. These efforts have resulted in FEMCO’s having grown from a small metal working shop into a multi-division, internationally-oriented corporation with nearly 1000 employees. Today FEMCO consists of five operating divisions with several affiliated companies. FST is committed to continual innovation and technological advancements, while never losing sight of our number one goal; to provide high-quality shafts to our customers at affordable prices.

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FST Steel Series:             
FST Steel series come in 90 gram, 115 and 125 gram weight range, 0.370" parallel tip. FST shaft designers understand the varieties of shaft fitting challenges with today’s amateur golfers. Their varying skills and swing dynamics require a variety of shaft weights, stiffness, and flex points. These three FST models provide the greatest opportunities for club builders and club fitters. Models include shaft weights ranging from the latest technology ultra-light FST 90 up to the more conventional weight of the FST 125. These shafts are offered in combination flex configurations such as S/X and A/R for great custom flex and ball flight options, not to mention less inventory.

FST Pro Stepless Series:
FST Pro series come in 115 and 125 gram weight range, stepless design, 0.370" parallel tip. FST Pro models are offered to the skilled players looking for lower ball flight and consistent performance. Each of the shafts in the series incorporates a tip-stiff flex profile providing a solid feel and undistorted feedback from the club head at impact. The FST Pro series consists of 2 models: Pro 115 and Pro 125. Both models feature a sleek “stepless” design in two weight categories. The FST Pro 125 is a conventional weight shaft, often referred to as “tour weighted”. The FST Pro 115 is 10 grams lighter. FST’s shaft designers have combined more than 70 years of steel shaft experience to develop the Pro Series. Club fitters will enjoy the customization options and the opportunities for player satisfaction.