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Fujikura Graphite Shafts

Fujikura Graphite Shafts

About Fujikura Golf Shafts:
For over 30 years Fujikura has continuously supplied the golf community with premium graphite shafts that are unsurpassed in quality and craftsmanship. The best players in the world consistently chose Fujikura shafts to compete and win on tour. As the world leader in shaft design, material and process technology, Fujikura continues to create innovative golf shafts.

The Fujikura line includes such best selling models as the Motore F1, Motore F3, Sakura and new Fit-On Max series of shafts. The Fit-On MAX series was designed with Fujikura's proprietary Swing-Sync Design Technology. This design platform gives each shaft optimal flexural rigidity which provides exceptional feedback to the player in order to immediately obtain the best control. Plus each weight category provides a unique bend profile to provide a comprehensive line to fit virtually any golfer.

Fujikura was the #1 Driver shaft brand at the US Mid-Amateur Championship and the NCAA Women’s Championship.

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Fujikura Fit-On-Max Shafts: Fujikura Fit-On-Max Shafts
The Fujikura Fit-On graphite wood and hybrid and iron shafts utilize Swing Sync Design Technology which provides each shaft with optimal flexural rigidity for exceptional feedback. Fit-On-Max shafts are designed with Fujikura proprietary Swing-Sync technology, the Fit-On Max Series matches your golf swing characteristics to specific flex profiles. Optimal Flexural Rigidity: The lightest shaft provides the highest ball flight and highest spin rate, while progressively heavier shafts offer lower ball flights and lower spin rates. Individual EI signature for each shaft weight. Maximum control and distance. No matter how you swing, Fit-On Max will help you play your best. Fit-On-Max shafts come in woods, hybrids and irons in various weight categories to fit a wide array of golfers.

Fujikura Motore F1 and F3Fujikura Motore F1 and F3 Shafts
H.I.T. Technology (High Inertia Tip): Featuring H.I.T. Technology, the Motore F1 stores more energy during your downswing and releases that energy before impact, while maintaining stability. Smart Shape Tip Section: Smart shaping on the internal tip section of the shaft raises the balance point and increases tip stiffness. Stabilizes head at impact. Stores more energy for rapid acceleration. The Motore F1 features a firmer tip and higher bend point for a lower trajectory with less spin and is designed for more accomplished players seeking a lower launching ball. The F1 provides optimal spin, which gives you more control. The Motore F3 features a softer tip for a softer feel than the F1 to create a little higher launch angle and is designed for a golfer seeking a higher launching ball. The F3 provides optimal spin, which gives you more control.