Golf Club Clones vs. Brand Names

1) You have certainly seen red alerts from big brand names "Buyers Beware - Don't buy Knock-offs". Clone clubs are not necessarily 'knock-offs" and these days not all brand names are equal.

2) Many famous brand name clubs are no longer made in Mexico, not even made in China but entirely made in Vietnam.

3) Many brand name clubs are coming standard with so-called 'propriety' shafts without disclosing torque and weight. Many customers are bringing back their brand name clubs for re-shafting because the performance does not stand-up to the beautiful graphics.

4) Box sets sold in mass sporting goods stores feature 'graphite' shafts, but are made 80% from heavy fiberglass with high torque resulting in increased ball dispersion.

5) In the field of product development there are product leaders and product followers. Monark Golf is observing market trends and critically analyzing whether a new design really works as advertised. Then we try to follow the new concept at much lower costs but no less effective results and pass over the savings to our customers. Clone club heads are often manufactured by the same foundries using similar materials and technology like the brand name heads. For our custom built clubs we are anyway using the same shafts and grips like the brand names at same or similar performance but lower prices offering better value.

6) Illegal Knock-Offs and/or Counterfeits are confusingly similar to the brand name and violate the legal trade dress rights, trademarks, patents or copyrights of another company. Illegal Knock-Offs and Counterfeits just look good but do not perform and are often manufactured by underground companies without golf experience. We are careful not to violate the valid rights of other companies. However we work hard to offer good products at lower prices to our customers.

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