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Set Ascending Direction

Largest selection and lowest prices for Golf Club Heads. Complete line of Club Heads, clone golf club heads and discount golf club heads for drivers, fairways, hybrid, irons, wedges and putters. From irons to woods, from wedges to putters, Monark Golf has the right golf club heads you need to build your perfect club.

1. What is COR?
COR stands for Coefficient of Restitution and describes the energy transference between club head and golf ball. If a club head has a high COR, this means less loss of energy. If a club head has a lower COR, this means more energy got loss during impact. A higher COR measurement means more distance.
2. What is MOI (Moment of Inertia)?
MOI measurement is the resistance to twisting. A golf club wih a higher MOI is more forgiving at off-center shotsnand offers more stability at impact
3. What is Center of Gravity and how does it affect Shots?
Center of Gravity (or CG) is a single point inside the head, it is defined in 3 dimensions. If the CG is lower and farther away from the face, it will promote a higher trajectory or higher ball flight
4. What is Offset and does it help counter a slice?
Offset means that leading edge of a clubface is positioned in front of the hosel or neck. Offset design can help you to square the clubface for impact, increasing the chance of a straight shot
5. How do cast irons and forged irons compare?
Most golfers believe that forged irons feel softer than cast irons. If two clubs are identical in every way (same specs, same shaft, same club length) except that one was made through casting and the other through forging, the forged one will not feel softer due to the carbon steel. What matters is that cast irons are cavity back design with perimeter weighting. the heavier sole promotes a higher ball flight and offers a game improvement design.
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