Golf Chipper Heads


Set Ascending Direction

Large selection of golf chipper heads and clone chippers for golfers of all skill levels. A chipper is the perfect club for those in between shot where a putter is not quite right and a wedge just won't do it. The ultrawide contoured sole of the Acer XK chipper glides across the rough to lower your scores. The Dynacraft Hindsight chipper has a built-in Lean-Forward design and reduces wrist action.

1. Are golf chippers illegal?
The USGA is stipulating that chippers must be single-faced and must have a round grip, not a putter grip as chippers are considered as 'swinging clubs'
2. Are golf chippers any good?
Chippers are a hybrid between golf wedges and putters and are great for players having trouble on short shots around the green
3. Are double sided golf chippers legal in golf?
Double-faced chippers are illegal and cannot be used in professional tournaments or formal competitions arranged by the USGA
4. who is the best chipper in golf?
One of the best chippers are the Extreme 5 chipper and the Acer XK chipper.
5. Are two-sided chippers illeggal?
USGA rules are stipulating that a chipper must be single-faced and must have a cylindrical grip with a flat end. Double-faced chippers are illegal and cannot be used in official tournaments
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