Golf Putters


Set Ascending Direction

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1. How do I choose a putter?
You want to balance the shaft of the putter horizontally across your open palm, allowing the head to rotate to its natural resting position. If the face points directly to the sky, you have a face-balanced putter. If the toe of the putter hangs down or to the side, you have a toe-hang putter.
2. Are Heavy Putters better?
A heavier putter head promotes a smooth pendulum movement out of your shoulders and reduces wrist action. A putter that is too heavy is better than a putter that is too light.
3. What is the correct putter shaft for my putter?
A straight putter shaft will fit a putter with a 72 degree slanted hosel or slanted post. A Single Bend or Triple bend putter shaft will fit putter heads with 90 degree upright hosel or post
4. What is the difference between mallet putters and blade putters?
Mallet putters have a wider foot print and are easier to align on the ground. Mallet putters promote perimeter weight distribution and improve stability. Mallet putters feature alignment aids to align the putter square to the target.
5. Are Long Putters banned?
Anchoring of any stroke is banned by the USGA. Long Putters or Boomstick Putters were braced against the golfer's chest or chin, creating a stable fulcrum point for the putting stroke.
6. What is the benefit of Armlock Putters?
Armlock putters keep the hands and arms quiet. It is a successful method to consistently keep the hands ahead of the ball through impact