Golf Wedge Heads


Set Ascending Direction

Large variety of high-quality clone golf wedges of most popular pro line styles offered at a fraction of the price. The proven Integra Soft Cast wedges are available in 7 lofts from 50º to 64º. The X-5 Tour Grind wedges ffeature On-Set or Face Forward Design preventing shanked shots. Our popular clone golf wedge heads fit your game and your budget.

1. What makes a good golf wedge?
High bounce wedges are built for golfers who take deeper divots or for golf courses with softer conditions where the club is more prone to digging into the ground. Medium bounce wedges are a good option if you play a variety of golf courses and want a club that can be more versatile to fit different course conditions.
2. What are the materials Golf Wedge Heads use?
Golf Wedge Heads are cast from 431 stainless steel, carbon steel, 18-8 stainless steel. Softer carbon steel offers more feel or response from the head and is easier for bending
3. What is the new Mondeo wedge forged from?
The Mondeo 811 wedges are genuine hand forged in several steps from a raw billet of soft carbon steel. The face is double CNC milled for perfect flatness. The score lines are CNC precission milled
4. What are the correct bounce angles for my wedges?
Wedges with a low bounce angle of 4 to 6 degrees are preferred by golfers who sweep the ball, taking a shallower divot, firmer turf conditions and heavy sand in a bunker.
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