Hybrid Golf Club

Hybrid golf clubs were originally designed to play from thick rough, fairway bunkers and other difficult spots (that's why the name ‘Rescue’ clubs). Hybrid clubs became more popular when replacing hard to hit long irons. Hybrids feature a wider sole than the equivalent iron and Center of Gravity is shifted lower in the head. Hybrids have a hollow core construction like a fairway wood. That's why hybrids are more forgiving than a standard iron and outperform irons on off-center hits. Hybrids deliver a greater accuracy on off-center hits and offer more distance than the equivalent iron. Golf hybrids can be used for just about any shot on the course, from tee to green. That's why many golfers not only replaced their long irons with hybrids but the entire set, even golf wedges. Monark Golf offers large selection of hybrids in Right Hand and Left Hand, ranging from #1 hybrid (13º) even to 46º and 52º lofted hybrids.



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