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Hybrid Golf Club

When you need to play the shot from difficult spots like thick rough, and fairway bunkers, a hybrid golf club can help you in such situation. This is also called as rescue golf club. The golf club will make all the difficult shots easier and have emerged as one of the best clubs ever. This is the combination of two different materials and offers unique characteristics. It is a cross between a long iron and a fairway wood and offers you the features of both the clubs.

Hybrid golf clubs are better than the standard iron and outperform irons. When it comes to maximum accuracy, no other golf clubs will offer you the accuracy level that you get from these clubs. These types of golf clubs are majorly used to hit the golf ball for long distance and pinpoint accurate shots. With little modification, such clubs are now working better than the ordinary irons or woods.

How does it work?
  • This club has been designed with better distance control and accuracy. The manufacturers have changed the location of the centre of gravity to the bottom of the club.
  • This particular arrangement helps you to hit the ball in the air easier and with better accuracy.
  • However, you should have a decent golf swing speed. Because a poor swing will lead to bad shots.
  • Such golf hybrid clubs have designed to give a higher launch angle and a flat face. It offers the golf ball a higher spin.
  • You will get flattered clubfaces and shorter shafts with the hybrid golf club. Unlike fairway woods club, the hybrid one doesn't come with round and bulgy face.
  • A hybrid club comes with rails or runners at the bottom. The lofts of the club vary from 16 to mid-20 degrees.

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