Hybrid-Iron Combo Sets


Set Ascending Direction

Hybrid-Iron combo set with easy-to-hit hybrids that replace difficult long irons. A hybrid/iron set is the ideal combination of irons and hybrids in one easy-to-hit set. Combo Iron Sets include 2 hybrid heads and 6 iron heads.

1. What is a hybrid iron set?
A hybrid iron combo set usually features 2 hybrid clubs to replace hard to hit long irons such as #3 and #4 irons. The mid and short irons are cavity back iron clubs
2. What irons to replace with hybrids?
Hybrid clubs are a cross breed between fairway woods and irons and is it's own class of clubs; one cannot compare a hybrid directly with an iron. Most golfers are replacing first their long irons with hybrids because long irons are hard to hit.
3. Are hybrid irons any good?
Hybrid golf clubs offer more forgiveness than irons especially on mis-hits; the hollow core design promotes perimeter weight distribution, increases stability at impact.
4. Do pros use hybrid irons?
Hybrid golf clubs first became popular as rescue clubs for recreational golfers designed to get a ball out of roughs and difficult lies. Hybrid golf clubs became its own class of golf clubs and is popular and widely used among Touring Pros.
5. Should I replace my irons with hybrids?
Many golfers first replace their hard to hit long irons with hybrids. After they experience the benefits of hybrids, many players are replacing the entire iron set with hybirds, even their short irons and wedges