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Champ Grips

Champ C1 putter grips are made from a super soft, super lightweight polyurethane material that offers great feel. The diamond and line grip pattern gives extra control making it a true “anti-slip” putter grip for all seasons. The new Champ C1X putter grip features a new flat-front, parallel shape helps to stabilize putting strokes while encouraging proper grip pressure. The Champ C8 is made from a new optimum feel TPO material infused with Kevlar for greater torque control and incredible wear resistance. A special tacky compound creates a non slip feel during all weather conditions and an anti shock wrap provides a comfortable feel and excellent shock absorption.


Champ C8 Golf Grip - Standard Neon Blue
SKU: CH-38150

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Champ C2 Golf Grip - Standard Royal Blue 0.580" Ribbed
SKU: CH-32101

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Champ C8 Golf Grip - Standard Neon Blue 0.580" Ribbed
SKU: CH-38153

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Champ C8 Golf Grip - Standard Neon Blue 0.600" Ribbed
SKU: CH-38151

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Now: $1.89