Oversize Grips

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1. Are oversized grips better?
Oversize grips are not necessarily always better. Important is that the grip size fits your hands and you feel comfortable with the grip size.
2. Why do oversize golf grips improve your shot?
An oversize grip may reduce grip pressure and keep your wrist quiet. However an overly large grip may slow down your swing speed.
3. Who should use Oversize grips?
Oversize grips are designed for players with hand measurements larger than 9-1/4 inches
4. what is the difference between Oversize and Jumbo grips?
there is no industry standard about oversize grips. Oversize grips and jumbo grips are +1/8" larger than mens standard grips
5. Do any pros use oversize grips?
Most pros are not using oversize grips on the Tour. Oversize grips can help amateurs reduce grip pressure and help golfers with arthritis
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