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Putter Grips

It is the grip that will determine the quality of your shot. Get a perfect quality putter grip to play your game at your best level. Are you confused with the selection of best quality putter golf grip? Monark Golf has the best and branded putter grips that you can buy at discounted prices. For example, there are Scotty Cameron grips which are best for both amateurs and pro players. At Monark Golf, you will get a large selection of putter golf grips at discount prices.

When learning the correct grip, you will have to learn the correct putter grip pressure. The grip and grip pressure go hand in hand with each other. Putt is a very soft stroke, and for a better result, you must have a soft hold on the club. The club needs to feel comfortable while in your hand. But for this, you must have the grip which lets you generate the right amount of pressure.

Attributes of best putter golf club grips
1. Better control over the golf club

When you have better control over your golf club, you can easily achieve a perfect swing. You can easily find putter golf club grips at Monark Golf which can work under numerous climates. A corded grip works best in wetter condition. For humid condition, a rubber golf club will be better.

2. Durability

With us, you will get the putter grips which will last for a long time. Golf Pride grips offer you maximum durability. There are many such grips what you can explore by visiting Monark Golf. All the grips are made of higher quality rubber.

3. Maximum consistency:

Consistency is important in Golf. That's why we offer you the putter golf club grips which will offer your perfect consistency with every swing.

We offer:
  • Pistol putter club grips
    Such grips come with a thin, smaller shape that professional golfers want.
  • Paddle putter club grips
    Offer you constant taper with the flat front panel.
  • Oversize putter club Grips:
    Perfect for those who have bigger hands or for those who want to take their wrists out of the stroke.

Find more with Monark Golf. Visit to shop now.

1. What are the best putter grips?
Popular putter grips are Winn grips made from soft and tacky PU materials. PU materials are light weight and allow for an oversize grip without increasing the weight
2. Are bigger putter grips better?
a bigger putter grip reduces grip pressure and reduces wrist action, it keeps your wrist 'quiet' promoting a smooth pendulum movement out of your sholders
3. Why use a heavy putter grip?
The weight of the grip effects how the club feels in your hands. A lighter grip makes the club head feel heavier because it increases the swing weight. A heavier grip makes the head feel lighter. The putter grip size is limited by the USGA at 1.75"
4. Are thick putter grips better?
A thick putter grip reduces wrist impact through the stroke and facilitates a more consistent roll on the ball. Tests are showing that a thick putter grip helps to improve putting accuracy
5. Can you put a putter grip on a chipper?
chippers are swinging clubs. USGA rules does not allow to use a putter grp on a chipper
6. Are SuperStroke putter grips working?
SuperStroke putter grips are oversize and feature a non-taper or straight down design. It is designed to reduce grip pressure and reduce wrist action, promoting a smooth pendulum movement out of your sholders. SuperStroke putter grips are USGA conforming and widely used at the Tour.
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