Undersize/Ladies Grips


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1. What are undersize golf grips?
undersize grips are designed for women and men with smaller hands, for players with hand measurement of 7 inches or less and players using Small size golf gloves.
2. does grip size effect golf swing?
Selecting the correct grip size is critical. Too-large grips increases the risk to slicing the ball. A bigger diameter grip slows down the down swing, reducing your ability to square the clubface fast enough through impact and slows down swing speed.
3. should I use bigger golf grips?
larger grips offer improved shock absorption at impact, meaning less stress for golfers with weak hands.
4. what happens if my grip is too big?
An improperly fitted grip can cost a player 3-4 strokes every round. A grip that is too large limits wrist pronation, stifles shot distance, and can cause you to slice or push the shot.
5. How to improve your game by using an undersize grip?
A grip that is too large for you, can actually hinder some players' ability to control the club at impact. The club may come loose at the bottom of the swing, causing you inadvertently to slice. A too-large grip will send the ball veering off in a direction to the right or the left of your target. Besides this, a smaller grip can help keep the ball's flight straight if your swing is more of the "outside-to-inside" type.