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Set Ascending Direction

Looking for a new Graphite or Steel shaft? Need a specific tip diameter? How about a double-bend or triple-bend putter shaft? Monark Golf carries all the top-quality designs from leading brands such as Aldila, Apollo, Grafalloy, Graphite Design, Harrison, True Temper, UST as well as quality off-brand SynTech graphite shafts. The shaft is the 'drive train' of your club. Besides connecting the tip to the head, the shaft has two primary roles: The shaft is the chief controller of the total weight of the golf club. The way the shaft bends forward just before impact will influence the ball's launch angle. Graphite shafts are usually lighter than steel shafts. The lighter the total weight of the club, the faster you can swing it. Faster swing speed increases distance. Steel shafts feature a lower torque to reduce ball dispersion for increased accuracy.

1. What is Golf Shafts?
The golf shaft is the connection between you and the club head, it is similar like a transmission
2. Are Graphite Shafts lighter than Steel Shafts?
Graphite Shafts are indeed lighter than steel shafts and promote a higher ball speed for more distance. Light weight is not the only advantage. Graphite shafts are also vibration dampening and easier on your joints.
3. What happens if golf shaft is too stiff?
A stiffer shaft requires a higher swing speed. Often a stiffer shaft promotes a controlled or lower ball flight designed for golfers with higher swing speed. If a golf club is too stiff for your swing, you will loose distance.
4. What golf shaft should I use?
to select the right shaft is critical for your game. Select a shaft that will improve and support your game, accomodates the distance you are aiming for.
5. What material does Golf Shaft use?
Golf shafts are made from carbon fibers or steel. Graphite Shafts are lighter weight and easier on your joints. Steel Shafts offer more accuracy, offer more feel from the head and are more durable. Graphite Shafts are more popular for drivers and fairway woods. Steel shafts are more often used for irons
6. Are Golf Shafts Important?
Golfers often asking "What is the Best Golf Club?" In reality the golf shaft is more important for the overall performance of the golf club than the club head. Unfortunately many golfers are playing with a shaft that is either too stiff or too heavy for their game.