Graphite Golf Shafts

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Graphite Golf Shafts

Every golf player wants to enhance his/her gameplay style. Competition in the game is now increasing. The golfing market is coming up with new ideas and equipment each new day. To play the game, you will need gloves to balls, from clothing to golf bags and more. But the thing is to keep changing with time. There is always a bigger and better version for you.

This is something very true when it comes with golf shafts. Golf shafts are important factors in the game- especially the graphite golf shafts. Golf shafts made of graphite are more durable than the steel. Besides they are lightweight and flexible. One of the most famous golf club shafts in the world known as Aldila Golf Shafts are made from graphite material.

With a graphite shaft, you can able to achieve your desired swing rate for your club to hit the golf ball in perfect trajectory. Despite the club seemingly bending out of proportion, it allows you to hit the dead ball centre. That means you can play the game for a longer period without straining your arms and legs.

Well, graphite shafts are more expensive than steel ones. When you think about it, this is the only reason why some golfers use steel golf club shafts. But now you can enjoy the advantages of graphite shafts by buying them from Monark Golf at affordable prices. You will get discounts that you can't just ignore.

Why are the graphite shafts unique?
1. Flexible nature:

This is the most popular characteristics of graphite golf club shafts. They can flex during the swing. Even though they flex, they offer your extra stiff, regular stiff, and more to play the shot. The best golf shafts must have a proper flex that matches your needs. Otherwise, the clubface gets misaligned while hitting the ball. Remember that the shaft flex affects the accuracy, trajectory, and distance.

2. Perfect torque level:

This shows the shaft's resistance to twisting. The graphite shafts with a higher value will generate more twist. A higher torque shaft will feel more flexible than the other golf club shafts with lower torque. You can get a torque level of 2.5 with best graphite shafts.

3. Accurate bend point:

Graphite shafts like UST golf shafts come with three different bend point, i.e., low, medium and high. If you want to hit the ball to a longer distance, shafts having a lower bend point will be best.

4. Weight:

The weight of the graphite shafts manly depends on the types of a golf club that you are using. The best graphite shafts weight around 55 to 65 grams. You can easily find one at Monark Golf.

At Monark Golf, you will find a wide selection of high-performance shafts with unique designs as well as our won designed graphite golf club shafts which are perfect for all levels of golfers. No matter what are your requirements and budget, we have everything for you. If you are looking for the best golf shafts at the lowest prices, then we have a perfect collection for you. Visit our online store now and choose the best one at a discounted price.

1. What is Graphite Golf Shafts?
Graphite shafts are made from carbon fibers. Graphite shafts are either table rolled or filament wound
2. Are Graphite Shafts expensive the Steel ones?
Unlike 25 years ago Graphite shafts are no longer more expensive than steel shafts. Price pointed graphite shafts are starting at $10.00 whereas high performance steel iron shafts may cost $30.00
3. What is the best graphite golf shaft?
Graphite shafts are designed for a certain player profile. The 'best' graphite shaft is the shaft that will support and improve your game. The best option is to visit a professional clubfitter with swing analyser and launch monitor and get the right shaft fitted for your swing
4. Should I get graphite or steel shaft irons?
Most iron sets are steel shafted due to price reason, steel shafts are bit lower priced. However graphite shafts will also benefit your iron game and are not limited to a driver or fairway wood.
5. What are the best Shafts for an average golfer?
Recreational or weekend golfers have average swing speed. Shafts designed for average swing speed are medium weighed shafts offering a mid to high ball flight, at an affordable price. Syntec Graphite shafts are value shafts available at affordable prices.
6. Do you Spine Align Shafts?
Spine alignment is something for performance shafts and low handicap golfers. Spine alignment requires a professional electronic device licensed by the inventor. Most online clubmakers are using a mechanical device with ball bearings, some clubmakers even made a spin alignment tool by themselves. We do not offer spine alignment. if you are concerned about spine of graphite shafts, we suggest Syntec, iDrive, Integra and Accuflex graphite shafts. These shafts are woven and virtually have no spine.
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