House of Forged

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House of Forged shafts are designed and hand crafted in the USA from 27 unique layers of carbon fibre prepregs. Each of these 27 layers are electronically-machine rolled (one-at-a-time). Torque ratings are measured at three places (tip end, butt end, mid section).
House of Forged shafts dominated the 2012 RE/MAX World Long-Drive Championships and took 3 championships: Champion Ryan Winther, but also by 6-of-the-8 TV Round finalists in the Open Division; including 3rd and 4th Place finishers Landon Gentry and Jamie Sadlowski, 5th Place finisher Josh Crews, 6th Place finisher Justin Young, and 7th Place finisher Ryan Cooper. Eric Lastowka 
used a House of Forged shaft to win in the Senior Division, Jack Crutchfield and Gary Ramirez to take 1st and 2nd Places in the Grand Champions division.