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Matrix Ozik Black Tie hM3 85 Hybrid Graphite Shaft

Matrix Ozik Black Tie hM3 85 Hybrid Graphite Shaft
Matrix Ozik Black Tie hM3 85 Hybrid Graphite Shaft
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Price: $22.95
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Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Hybrid HM3 S+ (Strong) 2.6° 0.370" 0.655" 42" 103 g Low
Hybrid HM3 XX 2.6° 0.370" 0.655" 42" 105 g Low


  • On Sale $22.95, Was $191.00 - 88% OFF
  • Brand new and original Matrix graphite shaft, not an OEM version.
  • The Ozik HM3 black tie hybrid is the counterpart to the tour proven Ozik M3 black tie wood shaft. The OZIK M3 series represents the culmination of what Matrix has learned in recent years regarding what the young, aggressive power players on the PGA Tour demand. The Ozik M3 black tie series was designed on the industry leading and patented HD platform which features a flat, lower spinning ball flight often preferred by players with higher ball speeds. Better players preferring additional stability in the tip section will benefit from the tightest design construct ever released by the Matrix R&D team
  • If what you're looking for is a straight hitting, low launching, high rolling rocket of a shaft, then the hM3 was built specifically for you. The heaviest of the M3 series, the hM3 is more accustomed to the younger golfers with lots of power and swing speed, looking to increase their distance without hurting accuracy. Not recommended for senior golfers, and not recommended for golfers trying to correct a trajectory issue. It's more designed for the golfer that knows what a piercing tour trajectory is like, and is looking for the best shaft out there that accomplishes it.
  • HD Design: Hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the shaft designs are built. HD allows for new levels of structural strength. With  the stronger 16-cut butt section, Matrix engineers are able to better structure and strengthen the tip section without adding overall weight. At times this even lowers balance points to better match high MOI and low CG heads. The result is a stronger "tip-strength-to-weight" ratio.
  • CFI Technology: Circumferential Flexural Integrity is an innovative layup method devised to insure a shaft's flexing properties are consistent around the 360º circumference. It is imperative to keep these values as close together as possible during manufacturing to ensure consistent dynamic response and output performance of the shaft. A shaft must have the same flex characteristics around it's circumference before it can be truly matched to another shaft. Matrix also manufactures a testing apparatus called The Universal. This was designed to provide technically advanced club builders and OEMs an opportunity to test any shaft on the market.
  • Gradient Energy Flow tip design (GEF) : Conventional golf shafts experience their greatest amount of energy deformation between the mid and tip sections. This "weakness" will reduce the stability of the clubhead at impact and can accentuate the "sliding" of the clubface across the ball, leading to higher spin rates. GEF minimizes energy loss at tip section and Allows for more stability at impact.
  • Tip Torsional Resistance is a proprietary method of controlling the unwanted deformation and add stability in the lower sections of a golf shaft. TTR greatly reduces the tendency of the tip of a shaft to twist in the impact zone and significantly reduces the longitudinal deformation ("S" curve) while in dynamic motion. This added structural stability results in controlled side launch deviation, more centered contact, more consistent spin results, and higher energy transfer into the golf ball.
  • Bend Point: High
  • Ball Flight: Low
  • Tip Stiffness
  • Tip Trimming: 14º 0"; 16º 0"; 19º 0.5"; 22º 1"; 25º 1.5"; 28º 2"; 31º 2.5"

HD from matrixshafts on Vimeo.

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