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Matrix Radix 7321 Graphite Wood Shafts

Matrix Radix 7321 Graphite Wood Shafts
Matrix Radix 7321 Graphite Wood Shafts
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Regular: $135.00
Price: $28.95
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Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Par Tip Flight
Wood 7321 R+ (Firm 3.2° 0.335" 0.630" 46" 71 g 4.5" Mid
Wood 7321 S 3.2° 0.335" 0.630" 46" 73 g 4.5" Mid
Wood 7321 S+ (Strong) 3.2° 0.335" 0.630" 46" 74 g 4.5" Mid
Wood 7321 X 3.2° 0.335" 0.630" 46" 75 g 4.5" Mid
Wood 7321 XX 3.2° 0.335" 0.630" 46" 77 g 4.5" Mid


  • On Sale $28.95, Was $135.00 - 78% OFF
  • Brand new and original Matrix graphite shaft, not an OEM version.
  • RADIX is Latin for "base" or "root". The base for RADIX is the HD design, giving RADIX the most advanced internal structure of its class. Along with the internal structure, an experimental variable tip-to-butt ratio desin is introduced with RADIX. The ratio specs change by flex - ball flight lowers as flex stiffens, adjusting for the progressive needs of progressively harder swingers.
  • The Matrix HD Radix 7321 "Tour Proto" golf shaft has the lowest spin rate of the Radix Series of shafts. This lower spin rate coincides with it's lower torque of 3.2. Due to the lower torque of the shaft, the tip stiffness is also softer than any other Radix shaft available. The Radix Tour model also has a mid launch angle, making it best suited for golfers looking to improve their shaft without altering their trajectory too much. If the golfer is switching from a low launch shaft however, they should expect in increase in their overall trajectory. The HD Radix 7321 "Tour Proto" golf shaft is most recommended for the amateur level and beyond. Mid launch, low/mid spin.
  • HD Design: Hexadecagonal (16-sided) internal platform on which the shaft designs are built. HD allows for new levels of structural strength. With  the stronger 16-cut butt section, Matrix engineers are able to better structure and strengthen the tip section without adding overall weight. At times this even lowers balance points to better match high MOI and low CG heads. The result is a stronger "tip-strength-to-weight" ratio.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Tip Stiffness: Stiff
  • Tip Trimming: Driver 0"; #3W 1"; #5W 2"; #7W 2"; #9W 2"; #11W 2"

HD from matrixshafts on Vimeo.

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