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Matrix XCON 7 Graphite Wood Shafts

Matrix XCON 7 Graphite Wood Shafts
Matrix XCON 7 Graphite Wood Shafts
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Price: $34.95
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Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight Par Tip
Wood XCON 7 R 3.5° 0.335" 0.605" 46" 74 g High 2"
Wood XCON 7 Firm (R+) 3.5° 0.335" 0.610" 46" 75 g High 2"
Wood XCON 7 S 3.5° 0.335" 0.610" 46" 76 g High 2"
Wood XCON 7 Strong (S+) 3.5° 0.335" 0.615" 46" 77 g High 2"
Wood XCON 7 XX 3.5° 0.335" 0.620" 46" 80 g High 2"


  • On Sale $34.95, Was $249.00 - 86% OFF
  • Brand new and original Matrix graphite shaft, not a water-down OEM version.
  • The Matrix OZIK XCON (X-Axis Control) shafts are built for high-launch, low-spin ball flights. OZIK XCON 5, 6, 7, and the 8 Hybrid are made purely of carbon graphite and introduced the Matrix technologies DE Curve, GEF, and AVF. Created as highly efficient delivery systems, OZIK XCON designs bring maximum performance in high MOI clubheads and stable feel for all players.
  • The Matrix XCON 7 golf shaft is a heavier version of the XCON 5 and 6 shafts. It carries the same high launch and low spin as its lighter versions, but is better suited for the golfer looking to increase stability (or to maintain stability if the golfer is already using higher weighted shafts). The Matrix Ozik XCON 7 is a powerful shaft that gives distance to strong golfers, and accuracy to older golfers. Pinpoint accuracy and maximizing distance with an optimal trajectory with maximum roll is what you will learn to love with the XCON 7.
  • Gradient Energy Flow tip design (GEF) : Conventional golf shafts experience their greatest amount of energy deformation between the mid and tip sections. This "weakness" will reduce the stability of the clubhead at impact and can accentuate the "sliding" of the clubface across the ball, leading to higher spin rates. By contrast, certain Matrix Shafts use a direct Gradient Energy Flow. While static measurements like "tip deflection" and "CPM" remain similar to less energy-efficient counterparts, concentrating on more direct energy flow means more energy reaches the clubhead. More stability is created at impact, resulting in higher MOI. Less clubface-to-ball friction results in less backspin, a true high launch, and low spin flight can be created.
  • CFI Technology: Circumferential Flexural Integrity is an innovative layup method devised to insure a shaft's flexing properties are consistent around the 360º circumference. It is imperative to keep these values as close together as possible during manufacturing to ensure consistent dynamic response and output performance of the shaft. A shaft must have the same flex characteristics around it's circumference before it can be truly matched to another shaft. Matrix also manufactures a testing apparatus called The Universal. This was designed to provide technically advanced club builders and OEMs an opportunity to test any shaft on the market.
  • Bend Point: Low
  • Ball Flight: High
  • Tip Stiffness
  • Tip Trimming: Driver 0"; #3W 1"; #5W 2"; #7W 2"; #9W 2"

CFI from matrixshafts on Vimeo.

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