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Project X PXV OEM Graphite Wood Shaft

Project X PXV OEM Graphite Wood Shaft
Project X PXV OEM Graphite Wood Shaft
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Regular: $149.95
Price: $14.95
Select Flex
Shaft Flex Torque Tip Butt Length Weight Flight
Wood A (Lite) Mid 0.335" 0.600" 44" 52 g High
Wood R Mid 0.335" 0.600" 44" 60 g Mid
Wood S Mid 0.335" 0.600" 44" 62 g Low
  • Brand new & original Project-X PXV graphite shafts found in Cobra Bio Cell drivers. The shafts do not have any OEM names or logos (other than Project X)
  • Light weight, Mid torque, Mid launch designed for a wide array of golfers. 
  • By incorporating the most advanced carbon fiber material technology available in the industry today, Project X engineers have designed a shaft that produces maximum ball speed while preserving critical stability and control through the hitting zone.
  • The reduced weight provides explosive power while preserving critical tip stability and low spin performance.
  • Keeping many of the original Project-X PVX specifications, this shaft plays very similar to the original shaft at a fraction of the price. Quality brand name shaft at an unbelievable price.
  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Ball Flight: Mid
  • Swing Speed: 85-95 mph (R), 95-105 mph (S)
  • Tip Trimming: Driver 0"; #3W 0.5"; #5W 1"; #7W 1"; #9W 1"; #11W 1".
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