Putter Shafts


Set Ascending Direction

Find a large selection and discount prices on putter shafts from leading golf shaft manufacturers. Monark Golf offers stepless putter shafts, single bend, double bend and triple bend putter shafts for putter heads with 72 degree and 90 degree lie angle as well as belly putter shafts.

1. Do putter shafts make a difference?
The design of putter heads has changed over the years, but putter shafts remained the same. Most putter shafts are stainless steel. Some putter shafts are made from carbon or mixed materials. Graphite putter shafts are designed to reduce unwanted vibration. Reduced vibration let the golfer to more accurately perceive where on the face impact occurs. The benefit is that the golfer makes centered impact more consistently.
2. Do you offer Long Putter shafts?
Long Putter reaching to the chest are no longer conforming to USGA rules. Replacement shafts for Long Putter are no longer available. We are offering 43" triple bent putter shafts for belly putter length. Arm-lock putters are conforming to the USGA rules.
3. Which shaft will fit my putter?
Putter heads with 72 degree slanted hosel or slanted bore need a straight putter shaft (no offset) or a double bent putter shaft (to make offset). Putter heads with 90 degree upright hosel or 90 degree bore need a single bent putter shaft (no offset)
4. what is the recommended standard putter length?
Most putters range from about 32 to 36 inches, and they're designed to keep your eyes over the ball. The shaft of your putter should fall neatly in line with your forearm when you're in the address position. Traditionally men's standard putter length is 35 inches. However shorter putter length such as 34" and 33" become more popular because a shorter putter length increases accuracy and reduces the risk of off-center hits.
5. How to check whether my putter is face balanced?
Balance the putter across your palm or index finger so that the shaft is parallel to the ground. If the clubface of your putter will point straight up, it is face balanced.
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