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Set Ascending Direction

Find a large selection of club making supplies and club making tools at discount prices. Monark Golf carries a wide range of clubmaking supplies such as ferrules, shafting epoxy, grip tape, brass shims, adapter ferrules, bushing ferrules, lead tape and much more and others for you to quickly and accurately complete various clubmaking for you to quickly and accurately complete various clubmaking jobs.

1. What do it need to build a golf club?
Epoxy, grip tape, grip solvent, Sand paper (preferably a belt sander), Hacksaw (preferable a chop saw), club ruler
2. How do you build your own golf clubs?
a good source is watching some free instructional videos found at
3. Is it cheaper to build your own golf clubs?
Golfers are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on clubs that don't even fit them. Most people shy away from making their own clubs because they believe it's too difficult. You can actually build your clubs that fit you perfectly and cost far less than name brand clubs off the rack.
4. Is custom golf club fitting worth it?
Club fitting is beneficial for evey golfer of any level. Some believe that club fitting is limited to advanced golfers. In reality beginning players actually have less ability to make the necessary compensations for poorly fit equipment. To be custom fit, is actually more important for the average or novice golfer.
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