Ferrules & Shims


Set Ascending Direction

Find a large selection of ferrules in any size and various colors for building new clubs and any club repair job. Monark Golf carries ferrules from O-ring to 3/4 inch high, ferrules for taper tip irons, split ferrules, special OEM ferrules for major brands. Brass shaft shims and bushing ferrules are the fast and easy way to fit conventional shaft tips into clubheads with oversized inside hosel diameters.

1. What is the purpose of a ferrule on a golf club?
the ferrule is a decorative plastic part to close up the gap between hosel bore and shaft
2. When should you use ferrules?
All current clubs feature a flat hosel requesting a ferrule. Older clubs with a round hosel don't need a ferrule
3. How do I fix my ferrules in my golf clubs?
After mixing up the epoxy, use a toothpick and carefully apply the glue around the bottom of the ferrule (between it and the club head). Slide the ferrule back into place and clean up any excess glue with mineral spirit such as paint thinner
4. What are collared ferrules?
some club necks feature inside a step design. A ferrule with a collar will fit and fill this step.
5. How do you remove a ferrule from a golf shaft?
the pull the shaft out of the club head, you need a heat gun to break down the epoxy. The heat will melt the plastic ferrule. Prior to pulling the shaft, rip off the ferrule with a box cutter knife. The blade should go parallel to the shaft so you will not cut into the fibers
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