Gripping Supplies


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1. What are the Gripping Supplies?
Gripping supplies are mainly grip tape and grip tape activator, i.e. a liquid to active the grip to lubricate the shaft when slipping over the grip. You also need a rubber vise clamp to hold the shaft in place without damaging shaft.
2. Do you need double sided tape for golf grips?
There are forums of golfers who claim: Just use an air compressor and masking tape. Even when using air compressor a double sided grip tape is needed for the leading edge to slip the grip onto the shaft
3. What kind of tape do you use for golf grips?
there are water based grip tape and solvent based tape. For water based tape you need to prepare a soapy water and drying time may take longer. For solvent based tape use mineral spirit such as paint thinner. For best result use professional grip activator which is non-flammable and odor-less
4. How do you put grips on golf clubs?
a grip will stretch out and stay on the shaft by itself, no binding agent is needed. To slip a grip on the shaft requires prior lubrication by using a specialty golf grip tape. The Golf grip tape need to be activated to become slippery
5. How often should you Regrip your golf clubs?
Frequent re-gripping is proven to save you 3-4 strokes per round. How frequent depends on how often you play golf. Regardless you should exchange your grips once a year. Old Grips become slick and oily and loose the ability to absorb moisture.