Swingweight Supplies


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1. What does swing weight of a golf club actually mean?
Swingweight is not an absolute measurement of dead weight but a relationship between the weight in the bottom two thirds of a golf club compared to the top third of a golf club
2. How is golf Swingweight measured?
swingweight is the relationship between weight found in tip and butt end of club. A special swing weight scale for golf clubs is needed
3. How much weight do I need to change Swingweight?
One can can adjust the swingweight of his golf club by changing the weight of the shaft. Without changing the length of shaft, an increase of 9 grams in shaft weight will increase swingweight by approximately one swingweight point (e.g. increase from D3 to D4)
4. How important is golf club swing weight?
Correct swing weight is light enough for the player to achieve sufficient club speed for your desired distance and ball flight. Correct swing weight shall be heavy enough to transfer sufficient energy to the ball and keep the club on track in the downswing
5. Does swing weight affect swing speed?
heavier heads create more ball speed. changing swingweight, the average distance increased from seven to 39 yards.
6. Does swing weight affect distance?
Your swingweight is too heavy if shots are struck more often toward the heel. Swingweight is too light if shots are hit toward the toe of club head